MY Singapore

Ashok Soota, executive chairman, MindTree, loves Singaporeís efficiency

Published: Jul 27, 2010
MY Singapore
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I am the sort of person who does not know which city I am in, because I just go to places, have my business interactions, and sit in the hotel. But with Singapore, the pulse of the city, the place, I enjoy it. I go there at least once a year.

My own positive feelings of Singapore begin when I’m on my way. I fly Singapore Airlines, which is truly courteous, uses the latest technology, and is so efficient. 

Singapore is such a small place, yet you do not feel crowded. I can get eight business meetings plus social engagements done in one day because of the sheer efficiencies of the place.

You get great rooftop swimming pools here — almost everywhere I have stayed, there has been a beautiful pool. And in Singapore’s outstanding botanical garden, you can walk for hours. Sometimes, I like to walk around to tire myself out so I can sleep; in this city I can do that, even at 1 a.m., and be safe.

There is nothing to beat the colonial charm of a Raffles Hotel or Good Wood. Very efficient for business in the middle of town are the Hilton and the M hotel.

There is this restaurant on the roof at Stamford, called Jaan, with a gorgeous view and great menu. The noodle shops are exceedingly good, especially the one near the Hilton, called Shimbashisoba. The area around the Hilton has good Mexican food. Magarita has an open buffet and you will be spoiled for choice.
But I enjoy Mustafa’s, I find everything I could need from trekking gear to high-end binoculars to everyday gifts.

The opera house has excellent concerts; much more affordable and easy to get to than in other metros.

Take the night trips, see Sentosa Island, the bird sanctuary.

I have been cheated often by the taxis in Hong Kong, but never in Singapore. Once, I left two phones in Singapore, and my hotel concierge got into the act and within an hour I got the phones back.

I actually think it’s such a lovely city I feel hesitant to say anything negative about it, but like every metro, you must avoid rush hours.  

(Co-ordinated by Nilofer D’ Souza)

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  • Balamurugan

    i will come to singapore this year to realize the life.

    on Jun 23, 2013
  • Vasanthmanick

    Yes, Singapore is a great place to be. I loved Soota's manner of articulation.

    on Jun 4, 2011
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