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Discover 2024's best international restaurants

Find out which Mumbai-based restaurant secured a spot on Food & Wine's 2024 Global Tastemakers Awards list

Published: Apr 29, 2024 04:04:31 PM IST
Updated: Apr 29, 2024 04:19:38 PM IST

Discover 2024's best international restaurantsRepresentational image. Image credit: Shutterstock

Are you on the hunt to experience the exciting dishes and enchanting surroundings of the best restaurants? Food & Wine recently announced their best restaurant picks for the second annual Global Tastemakers Awards. The dining establishments, voted for by an expert panel of judges, that made the list include Michelin-starred restaurants and family-operated eateries. If you love to travel to enjoy food experiences, here are some of the top restaurants on the list to check out on your next culinary adventure.

1. Mérito in Lima, Peru

Nestled within Lima's vibrant Barranco district, Mérito, founded by Venezuelan chef Juan Luis Martínez, seamlessly blends the flavours of Peruvian and Venezuelan cuisine. Its dynamic menu offers a continuous evolution of dishes, embracing the rich tapestry of Latin American culture.

2. Petermen in Sydney, Australia

Petermen highlights ethically sourced Australian seafood and adopts a fin-to-tail approach to cooking. Chef Josh Niland and his wife Julie Niland conceptualised the restaurant, which is celebrated for its inventive offerings, such as bonito paired with a sauce made from the fish's bones steeped in soy sauce.

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3. SodaBottleOpenerWala in Mumbai, India

SodaBottleOpenerWala revives the nostalgic charm of Mumbai's 1960s Iranian cafés. The restaurant's menu combines classic Iranian food with Indian street food delights. The restaurant encapsulates an era of whimsy and flair with printed floor tiles and vibrant vintage décor.

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4. Cucina Villana in Ruvo di Puglia, Italy

Cucina Villana, founded by brothers Vincenzo and Francesco Montaruli, lies in Villa Fenicia in the quaint town of Ruvo di Puglia. Their culinary creations spotlight an array of locally sourced vegetables and wild herbs, including thistle and cardoon, sourced from the nearby Murge peninsula. These ingredients are creatively showcased in delectable dishes that tantalise the taste buds.

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5. Soil in Athens, Greece

Soil in Athens, Greece, is helmed by chef Tasos Mantis. The restaurant embraces a farm-to-table ethos. The menu includes dishes that seamlessly blend the essence of Greek ingredients and flavours with a Nordic-inspired touch.