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A. Donahue Baker shares how money avenue, LLC, is changing the banking industry

Money Avenue provides a digital banking alternative to all who need it

Published: Dec 15, 2020 11:20:56 AM IST
Updated: Dec 15, 2020 03:26:50 PM IST

A. Donahue Baker shares how money avenue, LLC, is changing the banking industry
In order to be successful in such a competitive market, businesses must be willing to adapt and make changes. A. Donahue Baker recognizes that, and knowing how much we rely on technology, especially nowadays, he came up with an idea that is changing the banking industry. As such, he co-founded Money Avenue, LLC the Fintech Bank, a digital bank that has adapted to the needs of today’s world. Money Avenue is one of the first banks to offer wealth-building services, offering banking that is faster, cheaper, and generally better than traditional banks. As stated by A. Donahue Baker:

“We don’t just offer banking services of a savings and checking account or lending services for residential and commercial loans.  We give you access to capital when others don’t.  We get each LLC you have at least $50k in credit.  We joint venture and invest in businesses and real estate deals when other banks won’t.  We provide a path.”

Another key aspect of Money Avenue’s approach is its unmatched convenience. As opposed to traditional banking, where you have to multiple days to get a loan, you can get a personal loan of up to $10K in a little as 3 hours with Money Avenue. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about all the unnecessary fees you’re used to at other banking institutions.

More and more people are banking digitally. Especially as the Covid-19 outbreak set in, many brick and mortar banks began closing branches. Hence, Money Avenue provides a digital banking alternative to all who need it. With his experience as a CPA for over a decade and realizing that access to capital is one of the key tools to creating generational wealth, A. Donahue Baker felt the need to make a difference in his community, and is now doing just that through his business.

“In order to build wealth, generational wealth you have to understand how to use debt safely and effectively.  Our bank is built on that principle.  Changing the mindset of everyday people, getting them to think about entrepreneurship and real estate.  In the process, we are watching people go from thousandaires to millionaires with the help of our education and services,” states A. Donahue Baker.

Currently, Money Avenue is the 9th fastest growing fintech in the country, and they plan to continue expanding. Throughout the year, they plan to offer baking services that create more businesses and real estate development. Money Avenue will be offering digital banking services with high interest savings and checking accounts, residential and business lending, and insurance products with the aim of creating more entrepreneurs and helping everyday people to build long term wealth. A. Donahue Baker is working towards making Money Avenue a one stop shop and is succeeding. From High Interest savings and checking, fast personal and business loans, residential and commercial real estate lending to Insurance products, business credit, and consulting services, no one is offering the same amount of services in one spot.

To learn more about A. Donahue Baker, follow him on Instagram here and learn more about Money Avenue’s digital banking services here.

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