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A promising, up-and-coming entrepreneur, Mohammad Zaid Khalid

Zaid saw a peak in boost of the real estate industry then and made most of the opportunity

Published: Nov 10, 2020 01:44:12 PM IST
Updated: Nov 10, 2020 01:50:10 PM IST

A promising, up-and-coming entrepreneur, Mohammad Zaid Khalid
A man from the small town of Prayagraj, Mohammad Zaid Khalid knew he had to make something significant of himself since the very beginning and has worked day in day out to make meaning of his life. Coming from a family of farmers and dairymen, he did not have much to start from but he made sure to turn every penny into manifolds of its value, and that is what defines a true businessman. Zaid is a real estate developer and his business is expanding and flourishing every minute. None of this was given to him on a platter and he is a self-made man in all true sense.

Since his childhood, Zaid was not very keen about academics. He completed his schooling from Air Force School, Bamraoli and since then his inner voice always kept pushing him towards building something that was his own and accomplish the goals that he had always set his eyes on. His parents made him realize the significance and value of completing one’s education and guided him towards that path. Zaid then went on to complete his graduation from Dayal Singh College, Delhi University. He acknowledges how our roots and our foundations are crucial in defining how one will go one to build one’s life and is grateful to his parents for channelizing him rightly so.  

Once done with his graduation, Zaid began helping his father, Abdul Khalid, with work in his dairy to help ease up his load. With his out of the box thinking and wholly distinctive ideas he was able to revamp the dairy into a far more sophisticated version. This further aided in increasing the dairy’s production and the annual turnover. It is safe to say that business is what comes naturally to Zaid and his expertise is what helped him take the dairy to unprecedented heights. This is when his father saw how sharp and streetwise his son is in actuality and recognized that Zaid was meant to fly without bonds. He asked him then if Zaid wanted to continue assisting him and this was the opportunity Zaid was waiting for to start building his life-long goal of his own business.

Zaid saw a peak in boost of the real estate industry then and made most of the opportunity. With a small amount of money borrowed from his father, he started his investment bit by bit. One success led to another and Zaid’s quick-wit and brilliance brought his investments great returns. As his business started flourishing, Zaid gained confidence and the industry started feeling like his playground. Through intense evaluation and deep analysis about the land to be bought and the right time to invest, Zaid has not yet had to face a deal which has not been favorable to him. The market keeps Zaid on his toes and his agility and ability to make quick and unerring decisions are the qualities that have made Zaid what he is today. He aspires to expand his business multifariously and achieve more to make each moment count.

To keep himself refreshed Zaid enjoys reading and listening to music which helps him stay attached to his artistic side. He believes that continual reading expands an individual’s horizon of thinking and introduces one to otherwise unrevealed knowledge. To keep himself fit, Zaid enjoys body building as well. One aspect of life that Zaid is extremely particular of is helping and working for needy and poor people. A true believer of giving back to society, he helps those who struggle in matter like financial instability, marriage, inability to fund education or medical needs or someone in need of foundation money to kick-start a business, Zaid goes to unparallel lengths to help them get through such difficulties. A truly focused and goal-oriented human, Zaid knows that the worth of his dreams and how satisfying it is to see them come to life. With this ideology he keeps on his journey to the pinnacle of success.

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