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AI at the forefront: Wealth management gets a modern twist with Kairoswealth

Leading wealth management platform secures USD 25 million in funding round led by Mount Row Partners

Published: Nov 23, 2023 03:24:46 PM IST
Updated: Nov 23, 2023 05:13:45 PM IST

AI at the forefront: Wealth management gets a modern twist with KairoswealthKAIROS, The Future of Wealth

Dubai (UAE), November 22: Kairoswealth, an innovative wealth management platform, is poised to transform the wealth management industry with its groundbreaking use of Artificial Intelligence (AI). In a recent funding round led by Mount Row Partners, the platform secured an impressive USD 25 million, signifying a strategic move towards integrating advanced technologies in the wealth management sector.

The investment highlights a growing trend in the industry, emphasizing the role of technology in refining investment strategies for affluent individuals, family offices, and asset managers. Kairoswealth distinguishes itself by leveraging AI to broaden access to investment opportunities traditionally exclusive to multi-family offices. The platform's AI-driven research desk surpasses traditional methods, enhancing operational efficiency and positioning Kairoswealth as a prominent B2B provider in the financial sector.

Esteemed professionals, including Mr. Shailesh Haribhakti, an expert in corporate governance in Asia, and Kirk Wagar, former US ambassador to Singapore, have expressed keen interest in this strategic development. Wagar will serve as Vice-Chairman, and Haribhakti will join the board as an advisor. Mount Row Partner, Krishan Rattan, will assume the role of Chairman, reaffirming the commitment to innovative and responsible wealth management.

AI at the forefront: Wealth management gets a modern twist with KairoswealthAI-Powered Financial Product Innovation

The wealth management industry, despite experiencing asset growth, has grappled with profitability challenges, signaling a crucial need for innovation. Kairoswealth's integration of AI has already demonstrated tangible benefits, with a 30% reduction in operational costs and an expected increase in revenue potential by 25% for its clients. Operating on an invitation-only basis, the platform provides a personalized service tailored to the unique needs of high-net-worth individuals.

With a strong focus on bringing cutting-edge investment opportunities to family offices and asset managers in Saudi Arabia, UAE, and the rest of the Middle East, Kairoswealth is actively seeking talent acquisition in the region.

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