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Digital Real Estate Investment is key to thriving amid the Pandemic

Residual Queens is an emerging company focused on financial education that specializes in automated eCommerce businesses

Published: Aug 21, 2020 12:46:15 PM IST

Digital Real Estate Investment is key to thriving amid the Pandemic

Have you heard of Digital Real Estate? I’m sure you have in some form or another. Digital Real Estate is the combination of traditional real estate and eCommerce. Where you invest in eCommerce stores, grow them, and sell them for 3 to 4 times its annual profits.  

If you are an entrepreneur or even a real estate investor and have not yet ventured into Digital Real Estate investing, it’s worth considering, and here is why.  

Brick and mortar retail sales have declined but eCommerce has grown year-over year at 129%  in U.S. and Canada, with an impressive 146% growth in all online orders. Even brick and mortar stores like “Pier 1 Imports” that have declared bankruptcy are taking their businesses online to thrive in the pandemic. By the end of 2020, global eCommerce sales are expected to reach $4.2 trillion. Shopify, a technology company that is a platform for eCommerce websites, has seen its stock price rise by 2.5x this year. The stock now trades at 50x its projected revenues and about 450x earnings.

The only problem is that engineering an eCommerce website, finding the right product, and marketing it, is not that easy. The profits will not just flow in once you hit publish on your eCommerce store. That is just not how it works.

You are an entrepreneur that just wants to invest money and let it do its work. You do not have time to learn eCommerce and try to figure out how you can make it work. You do not know how to run Facebook ads, SEO or even how to build personalized websites with technology to give consumers a customized experience. You understand the value that e-commerce has in today’s marketplace but are not sure how you can jump on this bandwagon that is rapidly growing every day.

Lucky for you, there are professionals in the marketplace experienced and ready to provide you with a turn-key automated eCommerce business that will allow you to focus on what is important to you.

One of the top emerging companies is Residual Queens. They are a company focused on financial education that specializes in automated eCommerce businesses.

They will connect you with their lead developers who will dive into your hobbies and passions with the goal to transform your ideas into an eCommerce business.  They have partnered with some of the top eCommerce experts of the industry to create these digital real estate stores for their clients. According to Residual Queens co-founder Mei-Jing Ang, your stake is protected, not only do you have much higher ROIs than traditional real estate investing but there is zero overhead cost. 

This concept is not new, the first eCommerce company launched in 1982, and under the current market conditions, buying and selling eCommerce businesses will continue to grow and become the staple of digital real estate investing.

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