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Dr. Niranjan Mittal - A gifted master of the science of astrology

He is a proficient astrologer who can help you unravel your future and take control of it

Published: Apr 2, 2020 05:36:10 PM IST
Updated: Apr 7, 2020 12:18:49 AM IST

Dr. Niranjan Mittal - A gifted master of the science of astrology
Astrology is a science that is revered by many across the world. However, there are only but a very few who have the knowledge, experience and research to support it. One such person is Dr. Niranjan Mittal, the man behind the immense success of Mittal Astrology, a multi-national venture initiated by his father almost 40 years ago, that is today one of the leading global brands for Astrology, Gemstones and Vastu Shastra services.

“An element of metaphysical awareness and spiritual receptivity seems to run in blood and I’m sure I got it from my father, Mr. Shashibhushan Mittal. He will always be my source of inspiration,” says Dr. Mittal.

One look at Dr. Niranjan Mittal and you would think that this stylish youngster belongs to showbiz. However when you sit down with him, you quickly see his depth of knowledge and his command over astrology.

The man seems to be brimming with so much positive energy that it is hard for one not to be affected by his magnetic aura. Add to it the fact that he is a proficient astrologer who can help you unravel your future and take control of it, and you begin to respect him for all that he has achieved at such a young age.

Ask him and he readily shares that he became interested in the field while he was still in school. The love and respect his father received from the people who consulted him is what attracted him towards this field. He would request his father to teach him astrology and his father would ask him to grow up first. Being the impatient child, he started to read about astrology and vastu shastra on his own.

Dr. Niranjan Mittal - A gifted master of the science of astrology
“I started reading the book authored by my father “Jyotish Cintamani” and practiced self-learning. My father was pleasantly surprised to learn about it from my mother. I remember that he sat down with me after and asked me a lot of questions. I answered the questions to the best of my ability and he seemed to be very impressed. He told me that he would start to teach me during my upcoming vacations and since then, I have been his disciple more than his son,” Dr. Mittal says with a smile.

Ask him what he loves so much about astrology and Dr. Mittal says that he is awed by the fact that it is possible for one to enrich their life with astrology to an extent that they can begin to explore their higher purpose in life.

“Our ancient science of astrology is something that we all must cherish. It has the key to all the problems and hardships one might face in their life. However, the modern world seems to scoff at it sometimes due to lack of understanding. Only those who are able to harness the true power of astrology know that it is what one may call, magical. It can turn around lives and fortunes, and that’s what we, at Mittal Astrology, offer to our patrons” says Dr. Mittal passionately.

No wonder then, 40 years and almost a quarter million consultations later, Mittal astrology is today a globally reputed and recognized astrology institute known for providing accurate birth chart (kundali) analysis and future predictions.

Dr. Mittal consults people from all around the world: USA, Europe, Australia, Dubai and an extensive loyal client base in India. He has made an impact on lives of celebrities, sport stars and businessmen. He regularly visits his clients abroad for vastu services.

The recommendations by Dr. Niranjan Mittal are based on a scientific approach and involve extensive research and study of the characteristics of nakshatras (constellations) and analysis of their effects on the grahas (planets) in their domain.

“The effects of dashas help in narrowing down favourable and unfavourable time periods for any big decisions that need to be made. Astrological guidance at the right time can play a significant role in the outcome of one’s venture,” elaborates Dr. Mittal.

Hundreds of thousands of people of all ages have benefited from the astrological guidance offered by Dr. Niranjan Mittal that offers four different services.

Personal Guidance: This includes future prediction, career counseling, financial stability, higher education, family life, health, mental peace & other questions.

Gemstones: 100% genuine and quality gemstone recommendations based on the planetary position in one’s horoscope.

Match Making: Marriage is an important aspect of life and everyone is keen on finding the perfect life partner. It is proven that astrologically paired people adapt better to married life and are able to live the proverbial “happy ever after” life

Vasu Consultation: Vastushastra site plan study of your residential or commercial property according to the scientific laws of Vastushastra.

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