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Enhance your digital marketing skills with digital guru Kapil Heera

Kapil explains what all the fuss in Digital Marketing is about

Published: Sep 16, 2020 03:48:29 PM IST
Updated: Sep 17, 2020 02:55:02 PM IST

Enhance your digital marketing skills with digital guru Kapil Heera
Imagine you’re the owner of a book shop in the 1980s. You do reasonably well based on your expenses. Everything works fine. One day, Barnes and Noble opens a store opposite to yours. Now they are a much bigger brand in the book retail business, especially in the 1980s. Not only do they have a bigger store than your own, they also have greater name recognition.

You decide to lower the prices of your books to attract customers. The Barnes and Nobles brand manager sees your lower prices and offers even greater discounts. Since they are a big company, they can undercut your price without sweating.

Finally, you decide to use your last ploy – marketing. You go to a printing shop and get a thousand flyers published. You paste them all over your locality, reminding your potential customers about your presence.

What does Barnes and Nobles do? After seeing your flyers, Barnes and Noble takes out a front-page newspaper ad. People from across the city flock to their store and your little book shop barely gets anything. After some time, you close up shop. In the 1980s, you were naturally constrained by your resources. However, in 2020, you are not helpless. You have the power of digital marketing.

Digital marketing solves the biggest problems of traditional marketing. However, its biggest strength is it makes large scale marketing a reality for small businesses.

What is the fuss in digital marketing all about? It is the democratization of marketing. Here’s the technical definition. Digital marketing is a practice which allows brands and individuals to promote products and services on digital platforms.

If you choose to start a career in digital marketing, you must have the right skills and training. Kapil Heera is a renowned educator and trainer in this regard. He founded DelhiCourses.in and has been training students, entrepreneurs, and working professionals since 2012 through live classes and video tutorials. All in all, Kapil has taught more than 2,00,000 students since he began. He also recently started a YouTube channel to help students access to essential digital marketing lessons during the lockdown period. Kapil has also been named among top 10 SEO experts in India.

How Does Digital Marketing Work for Students and Brands?

On the outside, digital marketing is simple. One just has to post something on Instagram and Twitter and call it a day. In reality, things are more complex. Digital marketing is not just about posting stuff on social media. It’s an attempt to systematically grow the presence of a brand on digital channels and reach the target audience.

For students, digital marketing is more about learning how products and services are promoted. It is a deep insight into the tricks marketers use to get above and beyond the competition.

When students learn digital marketing, they imbibe wide-ranging knowledge about increasing visibility of search engines, social media, video platforms, and so on. They also learn which digital marketing technique suits the goals of a particular client or brand.

For brands, digital marketing is much more practical. They have digital marketing professionals in place to increase their presence on important digital channels like search engines and social media. They also work on improving KPIs which determine whether the digital marketing process is producing results.

Kapil Heera Gives Career Advise to Students in Digital Marketing

What advice does Kapil have for students starting their career in digital marketing?

According to Kapil, students should spend their initial years focusing on gaining knowledge. Too many students make life-changing career decisions in their early 20s based on money.

At an early stage of their careers, Kapil says, young digital marketing professionals must take on projects solely for learning purposes. The more students learn about the different ways businesses approach marketing in general, the better off they are.

When students begin, Kapil Heera believes they should choose companies based on the scale of the challenge. Challenges hone skills. Better skills improve the chances of a better career. For more information, visit http://kapilheera.com/

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