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From success to style, gemstones are a man's best accessory

Published: Nov 27, 2020 05:20:11 PM IST
Updated: Mar 23, 2021 11:46:02 AM IST

From success to style, gemstones are a man's best accessory
(From left to right) Golden Sunrise Ruby, Winter Blue Sapphire, Green Bloom Emerald, Royal Grandeur Blue Sapphire

In the celebrated Autobiography of a Yogi, Paramanhansa Yogananda narrates an incident in the chapter Outwitting the Stars where his guru, Sri Yukteswar Giri, counsels him to wear an astrological armlet. The sceptical yogi tells his guru that he doesn’t believe in astrology. “It is never a question of belief; the only scientific attitude one can take on any subject is whether it is true,” explains the learned guru. His conviction can possibly be traced to ancient Hindu scriptures, especially the Puranas, which suggest that precious metals and natural gemstones radiate astral powers and activate the wearer’s higher state of consciousness.

The magical allure of astrological gemstones and jewellery goes back to a time before recorded history, not just in the Indian sub-continent but in nearly every part of the world. From ancient civilizations to the Ottoman and Mughal empires, coloured gemstones were treasured not only for their ornamental value but also for their astrological significance and specific powers. Contrary to popular belief, the use of gemstones and jewellery was not restricted to queens and noblewomen; emperors, kings and noblemen wore precious stones for their propitious effects, including their ability to bring victory in wars.

It may seem that the appeal of natural gemstones has faded in contemporary times. The opposite, in fact, is true. One has to only look at the long list of Indian male celebrities, politicians, businessmen and sportspersons to gauge their ever-growing popularity.

Amitabh Bachchan endorses blue sapphire and Colombian emerald to protect his health and good fortune, while Ajay Devgn wears a combination of pearl and yellow sapphire for fame and self-confidence. Pearl’s calming properties make it a natural choice for Prime Minister Modi, while Defence Minister Rajnath Singh believes in the powers emitted by red coral. Prominent businessmen like Sunil Bharti Mittal prescribe to natural ruby for its ability to enhance leadership and fame.

From success to style, gemstones are a man's best accessory

Over the years, affluent Indians have taken a shine to the beneficial properties of natural gemstones. What is interesting is that these buyers are not looking for any ordinary piece of jewellery; they are aspiring to wear authentic and certified astrological gemstones which also function as attention-grabbing statement pieces.

“One little-known fact is that the proper jewels, metals, or plant preparations are valueless unless the required weight is secured, and unless these remedial agents are worn next to the skin,” advised Sri Yukteswar to Paramanhansa. Today’s well-read, knowledgeable consumer understands this only too well. Gemstones are beneficial only if they are natural and authentic, and if their astral properties are activated by experts who understand the science associated with their healing powers.

Experts concur with this view. Nitin Yadav, CEO of Gurgaon-based online gemstone provider GemPundit and an individual with a significant background in Vedic Sciences, explains, “A gemstone will remain just another stone till you put your faith in it. When buyers approach us for selecting a gemstone, we go above and beyond the process of selling them a high-value product. What sets GemPundit apart is its end-to-end service which starts with guiding consumers on the attributes of specific gemstones and culminates in an energization ceremony once the purchase is complete.”

Faith doesn’t come easy as far as gemstones are concerned. The market is awash with stones of dubious qualities, many of which are chemically treated and passed off as authentic. For many consumers, it is a daunting task to determine if their purchase is genuine and if there will indeed be a positive impact.

“Since GemPundit’s inception, we have provided critical, value-added services to ensure that consumers don’t have any doubts whatsoever regarding their purchase. One of the key reasons our buyers – who include members of erstwhile royal families – keep coming back to us is due to our eminent panel of astrologers who are leaders in their field and are regarded as celebrities in their own right. They guide our buyers on crucial matters and activate a gemstone’s energy using time-tested methods. Although our online process is robust and completely transparent, we also offer appointment-based in-person services to select consumers who derive greater comfort from face-to-face interactions,” says Yadav.

Urban Indian men have typically flaunted high-end watches, fine leather goods and bespoke designer wear as status symbols. A steady and perceptible shift towards natural gemstones is heralding a new trend where success and style are coming together in a unique way.

Yadav, who has been observing this evolving market very carefully, agrees. He explains that based on their cut, lustre, clarity, brilliance and other attributes, coloured gemstones can be rare and steeply priced; this assigns a high aspirational value and makes them much sought-after statement pieces in addition to their healing powers. Serious customers, who are far more knowledgeable and savvy, are not satisfied easily. They ask more questions, are keen to know intricate details regarding origin and authenticity, and review multiple choices before selecting a gemstone.

“If a customer looking for emeralds visits our website, he can select from more than 2,000 authentic, high-quality and lab-certified emeralds that are transparently priced. We offer compelling and exquisite alternatives to an otherwise limited inventory and narrow range of knowledge existing in the market,” adds Yadav. GemPundit has made considerable investments in proprietary technology which, among other things, has revolutionized photography and videography of gemstones to provide customers a superior online experience. He also takes great pride in the fact that each of their gemstones is lab-certified, many of them by acclaimed Swiss laboratories that serve famous global auction houses.

In all this, the winners are definitely the consumers, especially those discerning few who are keen to gain from the astrological benefits of gemstones and also make a style statement. Companies such as GemPundit  are wooing this clientele by offering them comprehensive educational material, 24x7 sales and support teams, an extensive catalogue of products and transparent pricing. It will not be long before it is said that from success to style, gemstones are a man’s best accessory.

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