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Journey of CV Raman Global University through the eyes of its founder

The University has set its eyes on becoming the best university of India in future

Published: Dec 30, 2020 12:48:53 PM IST
Updated: Dec 30, 2020 09:45:38 PM IST


Journey of CV Raman Global University through the eyes of its founder
Today, CV Raman Group of Institutions has reached a new height with a new name to its constant strife towards achieving excellence in education- The CV Raman Global University, Odisha’s newest Global University.

What is today a multidisciplinary and renowned university with thousands of students pursuing professional education under its encouraging environment, once started from a humble industrial training center. Like a giant tree of knowledge, today’s CV Raman Global University has taken root from a revolutionary vision of educationist and CV Raman Global University’s founder Sanjib Kumar Rout.

The story of CV Raman Global University’s growth into the global edifice it is today is synonymous with its founder’s journey from an engineer into an educationist who believes in educating the next generation of engineering professionals to create a better world. The first chapter of CV Raman Global University’s success was written in 1990 when its founder was looking to do something independently, breaking away from mainstream 9-to-5 jobs. Disillusioned from the corporate world after working in the industries for quite some years, he wanted to start a venture that would address the issue of unemployment among the youth, especially the engineers.

His goal of creating an institution that would educate and train the youth in technical skills to bridge the skill gap successfully and realizing the employment potential of the youth was fruitful in 1992 when an industrial training centre became the first institution of the CV Raman Group of Institutions.  In the year 1996 when the Government of Odisha allowed the establishment of private engineering institutions, Mr. Sanjib Kumar Rout laid the foundation of CV Raman College of Engineering to impart high quality technical education to the youth of Eastern India. Since then, the CV Raman Group of Institutions have not looked back on their path to success.

The following year saw CV Raman College of Engineering operate out of a rented campus but in the next few years, the college established its first solid imprint with a permanent and completely owned engineering building. Many challenges came in the road to establishing itself as a credible institution. From arranging the capital to start the college to building a permanent campus, to forming an able and highly experienced team of faculty to teach the students, CV Raman College of Engineering’s initial journey was not without a few jitters.

It was with unwavering belief and support from the founder’s family that he stayed on the course of building his dream engineering college.  It was after facing many financial hurdles and challenges that CV Raman College of Engineering took shape. Mr. Sanjib Rout and his family have nourished the foundation of this prestigious institution with their life savings and the university today is like a personal milestone for the founder. It is only with solid determination and perseverance that the erstwhile college has grown into a world class university today.

Established in 2020, the CV Raman Global University has premium educational infrastructure from advanced labs and centers of excellence to smart classrooms. The university today houses the best of global standard education which prepares the next generation of highly skilled engineering professionals and innovators with its wholesome curriculum and experienced faculty. The accreditations, rankings and awards the CV Raman Global University has been awarded with are all rewards for its years of consistent quality and a proof of its commitment towards the society of creating an educated and employable youth who are financially sound and highly skilled.

For any institution to get ranked in National & International rankings, they need to perform in a few basic parameters like – Alumni performance in Industry, Research & Development, Industry-Academia collaboration, and students’ academic performances. The CV Raman Global University has always worked sincerely on these parameters. Many of its students are placed in different industries in higher posts and are doing an extremely good job. The university has collaborated with different international industries and universities to create world-class academic infrastructure. The university has regularly achieved success in National and International competitions across the world and displayed its competency and quality in the field of technical education. All the sincere efforts and achievements of its students and faculty contribute to its excellent performance in various rankings starting from NIRF to other agencies consistently.

CV Raman Global University, Odisha will grow as a truly global university where the future of skill and engineering excellence is nurtured and flourishes with freedom.  Most of its future programs will be linked to industry requirements and aligned to the world skill standard of an academic framework. As a University, The CV Raman Global University houses many international students, currently from nine countries studying with the university and the campus is expanding itself to accommodate more international students in its premises. The Global University is set to be a partner in many global collaborations for academic delivery and will support programs that will bring employment for its students. Blending an academic environment with an innovation driven environment to create entrepreneurial spirit and innovation in the future engineers is the future vision of C.V. Raman Global University, Odisha.

The University has set its eyes on becoming the best university of India in future and it keeps working consistently towards its goal by improving its education standard year on year. The CV Raman Global University has a goal of imparting high-quality education to the deserving and has been achieving this goal in the last few years.

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