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Kieran O'Brien's ShopAccelerator Boosts Market Automotive Businesses

It is a full stack done-for-you marketing solution for Automotive businesses

Published: Jun 9, 2020 01:09:23 PM IST

Kieran O'Brien's ShopAccelerator Boosts Market Automotive Businesses
When 20-year-old Kieran O’Brien decided to find a career in digital media marketing space, about a year ago, he chose the simplest way to succeed – specialization! With his company, GearedSocial, he has provided the automotive industry a platform to build brands through social media and digital advertising. Never heard of something like that one before, right? And now he is bringing yet another revolutionary concept in advertising and marketing through online media – ShopAccelerator! 

What is ShopAccelerator?

It is a full stack done-for-you marketing solution for Automotive businesses. It combines proprietary lead generation and appointment booking software with a full marketing agency staff, all for one low-monthly retainer. Kieran is confident that ShopAccelerator is going to revolutionize the way Automotive Shops generate leads and customers. In fact, they already have a number of people on this platform.

The Beginning

Kieran stepped into digital marketing when his first mentor Matt Curry asked him to run the social media campaign for his auto repair shop. The project got Kieran so obsessed with the field that he started teaching himself everything about digital marketing – a habit that continues to this day. 

Why Cars?

On why he chose cars to specialize in, Kieran has a simple answer, “I love cars. Pretty simple!” He further explains, “You can much more easily become an authority in your niche. Business owners trust people who understand their business & speak their language. I chose the automotive industry, and double down on learning everything I could about it. Now, I’m seen as an industry expert by focusing on one niche.” In his opinion, when you establish your niche and double down on what you love, you love doing what you do every day and it no longer feels like you are working.

Coming Back to GearedSocial

GearedSocial provides social media services and lead generation to automotive businesses, thus, helping them discover new revenue sources online. Describing his venture, Kieran says, “There are tons of digital marketing agencies out there, and not many specialize in the aftermarket parts for automotive industries.” That kind of specialization helped Kieran in creating a unique space in the marketing business. From installing free downloadable PDFs for business owners to creating a social media training course, Kieran is trying to fill in every gap that he can find in the online marketing process for automotive industry. He is also greatly involved himself on social  media, with his Instagram page, among other things. 

So far, Kieran has worked with some of the famous brands and influencers in the industry. As for his future plans, he wants to do just one thing – scale up!

Today, at just 20 years old, Kieran is already an automotive consultant, digital marketer and social media authority. All this has been achieved with self-study and specialization! Well, if this kid’s professional journey isn’t inspiring as hell, what is!

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