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Leadership effectiveness and social responsibility: Cornerstones of excellence

The Forttuna Global Excellence Awards 2023, held in Dubai, honored over 30 healthcare winners from 2200 global nominees. Led by Raul Handa and Aditii Handa, the event celebrated healthcare professionals and fostered global collaboration. Emphasizing leadership and social responsibility, the awards aimed to inspire positive change. The next edition will recognize leaders across various industries

Published: Apr 24, 2024 02:33:43 PM IST
Updated: Apr 24, 2024 02:48:15 PM IST

Leadership effectiveness and social responsibility: Cornerstones of excellenceThe Forttuna Global Excellence Awards 2023

Dubai (UAE), April 19: The Forttuna Global Excellence Awards 2023, a distinguished event honoring outstanding achievements in the healthcare industry, concluded on December 10th, 2023, against the breathtaking backdrop of the Al Sahara Desert Resort in Dubai, UAE. This remarkable gathering, spearheaded by visionaries Raul Handa and Aditii Handa, served as a unifying platform for healthcare luminaries worldwide, celebrating excellence and innovation.

The Forttuna Awards held profound significance, embodying the Handas' visionary initiative to create a platform recognizing and applauding the tireless efforts of healthcare professionals and organizations globally. Out of 2200 plus nominees hailing from diverse corners of the globe, over 30 plus deserving winners were celebrated, with an esteemed attendance of over 400 plus guests representing 49 plus countries.

Raul Handa, the founder, and CEO of the Forttuna Global Excellence Awards emphasized the importance of acknowledging healthcare professionals' tireless endeavors, particularly amid unprecedented global challenges. He stated, "Our objective with the Forttuna Awards was to inspire and cultivate transformation, acknowledging individuals and organizations making a profound impact on our communities' well-being."

Aditii Handa, the Chairman and Managing Director of the Forttuna Global Excellence Awards shared her vision for the event, expressing, "We aspired to create more than just an award show; we aimed to establish an event that not only honors outstanding achievements but also serves as a nexus for networking, knowledge dissemination, and collaboration. The Forttuna Awards embody a catalyst for positive change."

As the curtains descended on the Forttuna Global Excellence Awards 2023, the healthcare community emerged united, motivated, and ready to continue their odyssey towards crafting a healthier, more innovative future for all. The founders, Raul Handa, and Aditii Handa, are committed to perpetuating this legacy, envisioning the Forttuna Awards as an even more potent force for positive change in the years ahead.

The distinguished awardees of the Forttuna Global Excellence Awards 2023 include esteemed individuals such as:

- Minu Basi

- Dr. Basma Ghandourah

- Dr. Michael Conner

- Dr. Sujit Kumar Bhattacharya

- Dr. Minerva Kelada

- Geraldine Lo Monaco

- Dr. Rajesh Shetty

- Dr. Neeta Nagra

- Celestia Faith Chong

- Dr. Krishnan Nair

- Badal Shah

- Dr. Sylvia Paulig

- Rohini Rajeev

- Ashutosh Singh

- Dr. Solfrid Sagstad and Stian Lavik

- Dr. Jenny Bouraima

- Alec Junaid Ali

- Dr. Pratit Samdani

- Dr. Humeira Badsha

- Dr. Ryan Harvey

- Nada Munir Al Balushi

- Dr. Rania Hawayek

- Dr. Mohammed Hashmat Faheem

- Dr. Monika Kaushal

- Dr. Shallen Verma

- Dr. Shwetha Kakkerla

- Jinal Jain

- Dr. R K Marya

- Hamdan Al Murshidi

- Dr. Puneet Wadhwa

- Dr. Rickson Pereira

- Adhip Iyer

- Dr. Fahad Attar

- Dr. Mayank Vats

Leadership effectiveness and social responsibility: Cornerstones of excellenceThe Forttuna Global Excellence Awards 2023

Upcoming Forttuna Business Leaders Edition along with Healthcare & Wellness Edition:

Looking ahead, the Forttuna Global Excellence Awards are poised to host their Business Leaders Edition, spanning a diverse spectrum of industries encompassing technology, finance & Insurance, Fashion, Food, Real Estate, Education, Marketing & Advertising, architecture, Construction, & Engineering, SME’s and Manufacturing. This edition will celebrate leaders who have made significant strides in their respective domains, driving innovation, fostering growth, and inspiring positive change.

Key Criteria and Focus:

A crucial criterion for consideration in the Forttuna Global Excellence Awards is leadership effectiveness. The awardees epitomize more than just successful entrepreneurs or CEOs; they are visionary leaders who have demonstrated exceptional leadership skills, inspiring and empowering their teams to achieve extraordinary results.

Moreover, the Awards underscore a profound focus on social responsibility. In today's interconnected world, businesses wield immense influence on society, making ethical leadership more crucial than ever. The honorees are not only successful business leaders but also champions of corporate social responsibility, utilizing their influence and resources to effect positive change in the world.

In essence, the Forttuna Global Excellence Awards 2023 stand as a beacon illuminating the path towards a brighter, more innovative future, driven by exemplary leadership, unwavering dedication, and a steadfast commitment to social responsibility.

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