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Meet the unconventional sculptor and visual artist Richard Orlinski

Orlinski has achieved cult status in the world through his extraordinary work of art and sculptures

Published: Aug 19, 2020 12:41:34 PM IST
Updated: Aug 19, 2020 09:29:25 PM IST

Meet the unconventional sculptor and visual artist Richard Orlinski
Art in itself is a world or a universe in its own, which has the power to draw an individual into it completely and drench them into it entirely. It comprises of the many aspects that some lucky ones get to know and understand more because they possess in them the quality and the ability to see a masterpiece from the eyes of their souls.

No matter how cliché, this may sound when people talk about art, it is true that to understand an artwork or an artist, an individual needs to take a journey inwards to realise that the art speaks something that it wants people to know and open up their visions towards life beautifully. Not many have those talents to touch people’s hearts through what they create as an artist, but a few rare gems of the world are capable of doing that.

This is done by captivating people through their artistic visions and creations and give them a unique artistic high. One such prominent name across the world is of a visionary artist named Richard Orlinski. He is the man and the mind behind some of the greatest and the most exhilarating masterpieces of the world with his skills as a visual artist and sculptor.

This French-born sculptor Richard Orlinski always had inclinations towards creativity and innovativeness and believed that only art has the power to transcend through the unconventional limits of the society as a whole. Realizing his talents as a sculptor and creative mind, in the year 2004, Orlinski decided to jump into the world of art full-fledged and devoted himself entirely to grow the industry and get his artworks on the global map. Art always has given a different and unusual high to Orlinski and this has kept motivating him to create masterpieces focusing on the idea of primitive and wild animals.

His artwork speaks for itself and has the power to trigger any person’s deepest emotions and make them fall in love with the idea of the artwork entirely. As they say that life also comes with its share of struggles, Richard Orlinski too faced many challenges in life, but his courage, passion and grit made him never-give-up during the testing times. He creates artworks and takes inspiration from the wildest animals on earth as well as other magnificent objects that have known to mark their generation. To keep up with the trends of the industry, Orlinski also makes his art approachable and keeps adapting himself according to the changing times to further bowl over people through his unconventional and modern masterpieces.

Since the year 2015, he has earned the title of the contemporary artist French best-selling in the world. In 2017, for his passion for sculpting and artworks, Richard Orlinski initiated his first-ever gallery in Paris, which upped his confidence to open up five other galleries in many other cities. Today, he is one of the most renowned artists and sculptors of the world who is represented by more than 90 galleries throughout France and across many other places worldwide.

Richard Orlinski has made his presence felt not just in the art industry, but also in many other fields that he loves, including design, live shows and music, etc. He has also created many successful watch models by collaborating with several renowned brands of the world.

Not just this, Orlinski is also an emerging entrepreneur with his talent agency called ‘Tomorrow Hub‘, which is an exceptional platform for all the youngsters out there who need the proper guidance for their careers. The agency helps them hone their skills and make them realize their passion.

Richard Orlinski definitely seems to be on the path to change the world through his extraordinary artworks and sculptures and aims to better the tomorrows of many young talents through his agency. To connect with him, visit

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