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Paving the way for growth: GeeksforGeeks is making learning accessible and affordable for programmers

Programming is no rocket science and GeeksforGeeks is assuring this with an edge

Published: Apr 12, 2022 02:57:35 PM IST
Updated: Apr 12, 2022 07:10:30 PM IST

Paving the way for growth: GeeksforGeeks is making learning accessible and affordable for programmersToday’s dynamic and ever-changing world requires you to know what you are good at so that you can cut the clutter and reach your aim faster. But, most of the time to discover who you are or get recognition in society, your aim is tagged by the degree you can attain by getting admission to an elite college in the country. Even though, this education system can give you knowledge and confidence, what about real skills? There is so much going on around you and so many opportunities to grab, will you still let age-old tags stop you from grabbing the new-age opportunities?

GeeksforGeeks comes into play here as a Computer Science Portal Created by Geeks, for Geeks. The whole idea of letting go of tags and striving to impart real skills at GeeksforGeeks starts with Sandeep Jain, the Founder of GeeksforGeeks’s personal experience. He went to a municipal school of UP and graduated from a tier 3 college. Like any other student, he believed that a tier 1 college tag will make him land his dream life. This made him prepare for and crack IIT. After hustling for the tag and a job at an MNC, he realized how lakhs of students face the same insecurities as his during their prime age. Sadly, those who aren’t able to get the tags of these prestigious universities, settle for their unfulfilled potential.

His journey of coming from an ordinary background to achieving what society considers exemplary success, made him realize that it had nothing to do with the tags. This was an eye-opener for him and with the aim that no student ever settles for anything less than their full potential, he incepted GeeksforGeeks with a team of 6 in 2009.

Creating a difference

GeeksforGeeks is a computer science portal where you find courses with content ranging from Data Structures & Algorithms, Programming Languages, Interview Experiences, Practice Problems as well as tutorials on CS Subjects, among various other online courses. It strives to make quality learning accessible and affordable for all students and job aspirants, for which to date, the majority of the content on the website is free of charge. As for finding the right job opportunity, which can be a real challenge, GFG has come up with the Get Hired Portal to help you with the search.

GeeksforGeeks is known to provide a like-minded community where students can learn, share, explore, and grow together. To make learning not just relatable and relevant but also exciting and engaging, the team is always striving to touch the perfect chord. They are taking that much-needed effort to modernize the way coding is perceived all over the world.  What started as a team of six people has now grown into one of the most successful startups in the Ed-Tech industry, with over 300 employees. It has created a community of over 40 million 'Geeks' from across the world, 100,000+ contributors, and 10,000+ Campus Ambassadors from institutions across the country. The website crosses 3.5 million visits daily, and the number of users has grown by nearly 45 percent in the last couple of years.

Nurturing value

GeeksforGeeks is consistently striving to come up with updated, relevant and innovative content for students. The portal also allows you to explore your writing talent and share your knowledge in the form of an article using the 'Contribute' option and, if approved, you get paid in form of coupons, cash, internship opportunities, etc. The team’s effort is always to impart value in the lives of the students they touch.

As part of its plans, the company is looking to expand in the school domain. With elite companies not valuing college tags and degrees anymore, GeeksforGeeks aims for students to spend their crucial time learning skills. The company is also aiming to create the biggest community of learners worldwide to ensure that education is accessible to programming enthusiasts of all ages. They are working towards decentralizing the disconnect between learners and resources and in a similar vein want to modernize the way learning to code is perceived all over the world. This, they are sure will help them do much better and save their cost and time. It also aims to expand its library of pocket-friendly online and live courses on the latest and trending technologies to open the door for more job opportunities.

Further, GeeksforGeeks is planning to come up with various pocket-friendly online and live courses on the latest and trending technologies to open the door for more job opportunities. Apart from this, they are also expanding their caliber offering to meet the new-age educational demands, so that they can offer the students something extra. GeeksforGeeks celebrates learners and takes special pride in grooming them to become master programmers. So, irrespective of whether you are just starting in the
world of computer programming, is a professional with the desire to upskill, or an undergraduate trying to enter the job market, this company is the right podium for you to grow big in your professional sphere.  

So, let go of the tags and don’t worry about the constraints or boundaries, just carry on and achieve with GeeksforGeeks by learning to program.

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