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Renaissance woman Cloe Luv has advice for upcoming entrepreneurs

As a mompreneur, motivational speaker, and talent manager, Cloé Luv has had an impressive journey so far

Published: Sep 10, 2020 01:19:15 PM IST
Updated: Sep 10, 2020 02:10:50 PM IST

Renaissance woman Cloe Luv has advice for upcoming entrepreneurs
Known to most as a modern-day Renaissance woman, Cloe Luv has found success in multiple sectors of business. Cloé Luv is a master at blending entrepreneurial acumen with social consciousness. Her business ventures are known for their contribution to countless individuals and communities and serve as a testament to her dedication to philanthropy and commercial success.

As a mompreneur, motivational speaker, and talent manager, Cloé Luv has compiled an impressive portfolio of recognitions. Her entrepreneur portfolio consists of Brook Brovaz Music (an independent label and music production powerhouse), Women With Voices (a 501 c 3 women’s empowerment non-profit), We Uplift Women (an online social media platform to connect people that are interested in uplifting women) and Cloe’s Corner (a multipurpose gathering space) to name a few.

All this didn’t come easy to her. She has had a fair share of her own struggles towards becoming what she is today.

Advising other entrepreneurs, Cloé Luv says, “Being an entrepreneur is one the most rewarding as well as one of the hardest things you can persue in your life. As an entrepreneur, I have developed my own systems and creeds of working that can help many others as well.”

Below are few notes from Cloé Luv’s diary -

  • You can’t have million-dollar fortunes, with thousand-dollar work ethics and hundred-dollar skills. Pour abundantly into your craft, which means investing in knowledge, putting in sweat equity, and loving what you do.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance, but be sure you’re asking for help from a credible and qualified source.
  • Have a solid plan and a clear vision.
  • Build a skilled team that shares your vision and work ethic.
  • Don’t forget to enjoy the journey, remember anything worth anything is never easy. Although you will face trials and tribulations, it is important to learn from the Experience.
  • Remember your adversities are not only for you but for someone else who has lost hope. Embrace failure for it will build your character and will make for a great success story.
  • Do not present your ideas or business until it is fully complete.
  • Use your network to soft launch. Your community will be your first line of support, as well as, providing helpful criticism. Use your network to start word of mouth marketing and make the essential improvements from the feedback before your official launch.
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