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Lifestyle: The cause and the most effective treatment for hypertension

In this video, Dr. Sanjib Kumar Sharma highlights role of lifestyle in hypertension

Published: Mar 14, 2022 03:00:28 PM IST

Lifestyle: The cause and the most effective treatment for hypertensionHypertension or high blood pressure is one of the most common lifestyle disorders. It can permanently damage the eyes, lungs, heart, or kidneys. But, the good news is that like most of the lifestyle disorders, hypertension is preventable and even reversible to some extent. In fact, at times no medication is then required at all, provided the changes are adopted before the rise in blood pressure becomes irreversible. High blood pressure, like every lifestyle disorder, poses two choices that many people find distasteful: live with positive habits or resign yourself to taking medication as you grow older. It is advised that a healthy diet rich in fiber, fruits and vegetables; lower intake of salt, sugar and saturated fats; moderate physical activity; limited alcohol intake; managing body weight and stress are some of the key lifestyle improvements that reduce the risk of developing high blood pressure.

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