Forbes India 15th Anniversary Special

Health is the real wealth

Dr Abhishek discusses the role of adequate physical activity and a balanced diet in staying healthy and wealthy

Published: Mar 3, 2022 03:26:16 PM IST

Health is the real wealthA healthy body helps us to do all our daily work, have a better brain function, perform well at our work leading to good incomes. So Health is the real wealth. Good  Muscular skeletal health becomes very important as it helps us to move, be independent and stay connected with the rest of the world.

But today’s modern sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits have changed the whole picture. Sitting longer hours in front of screens, movie streaming, online shopping has addicted the whole world so much that movement of the body is almost fading away leading to diseases like obesity, diabetes, heart problems, respiratory problems, poor muscular-skeletal health etc.  These are making humans more dependent on others, humans are facing different mental challenges and ageing early with the dissatisfaction of inability to do many of the things.

So it’s high time, to be self-conscious and vigilant about your health. This video presents tips to enhance your health and gain this wealth with a daily workout.

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