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People use social media to vent their frustration: Harsh Goenka

Entrepreneur Harsh Goenka on the best way to deal with trolls and what excites him about his Twitter interactions

Published: Aug 19, 2017 06:04:52 AM IST
Updated: Aug 22, 2017 11:13:25 AM IST

People use social media to vent their frustration: Harsh Goenka

Q. When do you feel like posting something online?
People today deprive themselves of humour and laughter thanks to the busy lives that all of us lead. I tend to post on current issues, political ongoings and sports events; sometimes the inspiration comes from one of those high-decibel TV news hour debates.

People use social media to vent their frustration: Harsh Goenka

Q. What is the most memorable post or interaction that you’ve had on social media?
My tweet, ‘India will become a developed country when we spend, more on our daughter’s education than on her wedding’ went viral. Not only on Twitter but I also found it circulated on WhatsApp and Facebook.  

Q. Any specific dos and don’ts to follow while posting on social media?
One has to exercise restraint and caution because the social jungle has both the level-headed who see reason, and the temperamental who are emotionally charged. We are privy to numerous incidents that get amplified on social media and stir up people’s frenzy and often get out of control. People use social media to vent their frustration. There are too many extremists out there. There is no language control at all.

Q. How should one deal with trolls?
Everyone today has an opinion about everything. It only makes sense not to take trolls to heart. There will always be people who will agree and disagree with you. It is best to ignore or block them if they tend to be aggressive.  

Q. Who are the social media personalities that you enjoy following?
Madhavan Narayanan, Ramesh Srivats, Twinkle Khanna. They have a great sense of humour and topicality. But no one can beat [Donald] Trump because he gave us the ‘covfefe’ moment. Every hour, he shakes the world with his new tweet.

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