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World's Most Eligible Billionaires

Nearly all of the world’s 1,426 billionaires are married—many of them multiple times—but these 5 have never tied the knot

Published: Mar 22, 2013 06:08:43 AM IST
Updated: Mar 22, 2013 08:13:03 AM IST
World's Most Eligible Billionaires
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Jack Dorsey CEO of Square

These 5 have never tied the knot

1. Xavier Niel
Age: 45 $6.6 billion Iliad

 2. Eduardo Saverin
Age:  30 $2.2 billion Facebook

 3. Nicolas Berggruen
Age:  51 $2 billion
Berggruen Holdings

 4. Albert von Thurn und Taxis
Age: 29 $1.5 billion Inheritance

 5. Jack Dorsey
Age: 36 $1.1 billion
Twitter, Square


World's Most Eligible Billionaires

Burger Baroness
Lynsi Torres | US | age: 30 | Net Worth: $500 million
Torres’ path to billionaire status is simple: Wait five years. The heiress to In-N-Out Burger is the beneficiary of two trusts that collectively own 75% of the chain. The trusts, made public thanks to legal tussles between Torres and two trustees, show that she received a third of the In-N-Out fortune when she was 25 and got nudged up to 50% when she turned 30. At 35, she’ll control the trusts fully. She also has an outright claim to 25% of the company. Torres has a passion for drag racing; her third husband is driver Val Torres Jr.

World's Most Eligible Billionaires

Flash Seller
Jacques-antoine Granjon | France | age: 50 | Net Worth: $600 million
Before Gilt Groupe, there was, the original flash-sales site founded in 2001 by Granjon, whose taste for glittering accessories has earned him the nickname “Louis XIV” in Paris’ social circles. Born to affleunt parents, Granjon failed his entrance exam to the prestigious Sciences Polytechniques, so he started his career by buying unsellable stock in Sentier, Paris’ garment district, and reselling the items to discount outlets. His big idea: Cut out the middleman. Now Vente-Privee’s annual sales top $1.5 billion.

World's Most Eligible Billionaires
Freedom Fighter
Cyril Ramaphosa | South Africa | age: 60 | Net Worth: $700 million
Ramaphosa, a former anti-apartheid activist, took a breather from party politics in the late 1990s to pursue a business career. Now he’s the chairman of Africa’s largest mobile phone company, MTN Group; owns the McDonald’s South Africa franchise; and serves as executive chairman of Shanduka Group. He also has a partnership with Coca-Cola. In December, the African National Congress party overwhelmingly voted to make Ramaphosa its deputy leader—and, in turn, South Africa’s vice president.

World's Most Eligible Billionaires

Jealousy Watch
Dustin Moskovitz is the youngest at 28, beating fellow Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg by about a week.

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