MS Dhoni


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At a Glance

Profession Cricketer
Source of earnings Cricket, Endorsements
Career High Point Leading India to the 2011 World Cup win
Number of times on list since 2017 3
Earnings 2019
(In Rs crore)
Three-year Snapshot

#5 Celeb 100 Rank 2019

#5 Celeb 100 Rank 2018
#7 Celeb 100 Rank 2017

The former India captain retains his No 5 spot on the 2019 Forbes India Celebrity 100 list. He saw his income soar from Rs 101.77 crore in 2018 to Rs 135.93 crore this year. This is despite him not playing Test matches anymore. Like Sachin Tendulkar, he enjoys tremendous popularity, as a result of which several brands are keen to be associated with him.

2019 Celebrity 100

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