The Mango Index

Mango prices per Kilogram have fallen in Delhi but risen in Mumbai

By Dinesh Narayanan, Nilofer D'Souza, Shravan Bhat
Published: May 17, 2013

It looks like if you want to feast on a variety of mangoes this season, head north. Prices in the capital city have dropped more than they have in Mumbai, when compared to last year’s. But if you are sweet on Alphonsos, head south to Bangalore, where they seem to the cheapest, selling for Rs 96 a kg. Media reports have suggested that a good crop and a reduced demand from export markets have resulted in a surplus of the King of Mangoes in the domestic market, thus bringing down their price. We are not complaining!



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  • C. Dsouza

    King of \"Fruits\", you mean?

    on May 19, 2013
    • Yogiraj

      I guess the writer is talking about Alphonso Mangoes which are considered king of mangoes --- Mangoes being King of fruits is no brainer :)

      on May 21, 2013
      • C. Dsouza

        Yogiraj! :( The entire article was about Mangoes in general. It doesn\'t make sense to use King of Mangoes in that sentence. I guess, you\'ve gone used to the senseless stuff by non-native English writers that you try to make sense of it to keep sane.

        on May 21, 2013
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