Ford Evos Concept: A Personal Asssistant

Need an assistant? Buy this car

Published: Sep 29, 2011
Ford Evos Concept: A Personal Asssistant

The Ford Evos Concept car, showcased at the Frankfurt Motor Show, has — apart from awesome looks — “customer-focused and intuitive technologies”.

What this means is, the car doubles as your personal assistant.

The four-door, four-seater car uses technology to seamlessly connect with your ‘personal cloud’ of information, getting a detailed understanding of your preferences and driving habits, automatically adapting handling, steering and engine controls, and knowing your work schedule and local traffic or weather conditions. It can automatically play the same music or news programme that you were tuned in to at home, heat or cool the car interior before you get in by predicting departure time based on your calendar. As you pull out of the garage, the car communicates with devices in the house and could close the garage door and switches off the lights behind you.

All you need to ensure is that you are behind the steering wheel of this baby and not your driver!

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