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10 Benefits of Dynamic QR codes in Business Marketing

Dynamic QR codes have bridged the gap between print and digital marketing platforms. Through this, businesses joined the movement towards futuristic marketing practices

Published: Aug 25, 2020 10:25:09 AM IST

10 Benefits of Dynamic QR codes in Business Marketing
As 3.3 million UK consumers have scanned QR codes from 2012, the prediction of QR code usage rise will amount to 88.1% of its total population in 2024. By referring to these figures, QR codes do hold a significant impact on businesses and consumers alone.

What is a dynamic QR code?

A dynamic QR code is an advanced type of QR code that is editable and convenient for seasonal marketing campaigns. This type of QR code enables you to edit your QR code's data even after you have generated and placed it on your advertising platforms. Also, it has useful features that marketers can benefit from generating these QR codes from a QR code generator with a logo.

10 benefits of Dynamic QR codes in Business Marketing

1. Flexible

As trends are the business reference for marketing, the need for relevant and sustainable marketing strategy intensifies. To solve this problem, the use of dynamic QR codes is introduced. By using its editable feature, the benefit of entering different information in one QR code is can be realized.

2. Multi-functional

As dynamic QR codes are flexible in usage, its functions are beyond your imagination. By incorporating two or more QR code solutions into one, the benefit of integrating one QR code for all is possible. Thus it makes it a multi-functional QR code. One of the ways where you can unlock its multi-functionality is through the incorporation of multi-URL solutions like time bounded URLs and location based website usage.

3. Environmental friendly

The use of QR codes are gives an environmental sustenance to people. As businesses are implementing the use of QR codes as substitute to paper, the chance of saving more trees is high. The days of using bulky paperwork in products will be replaced by minimalistic use of all in one dynamic QR codes.

4. Energy saving

Energy wasted means the opportunity lost. Marketing planning and execution require a lot of energy. As you need to exert more effort than usual, the energy left in doing other tasks is not enough. With its easy generation and application, businessmen and marketers can save more energy for other tasks.

5. Visually appealing

In terms of visuals, dynamic QR codes are the recommended type of QR codes for business. Not only has its function attracted businessmen and marketers, but also its appearance on print and digital platforms. As a campaign's visual is important to attract more audience, dynamic QR codes are essentially built for that.

6. Economical

Printing instruction manuals and guide for specific products can be costly to make. It requires you to buy paper, pay a publishing company and distribute them to buyers. As buyers don't have time to read bulky instruction guides upon purchasing a product, the businesses goal and services are neglected. To incur this problem, the use of QR codes was introduced.

By replacing the cost-inefficient instruction manuals with dynamic QR codes, not only a digitized instruction manual is can be added. Things that businesses can add in their product QR code can be additional information about the product such as tutorial videos on how to set up the product, inspirations on the makings of the product, and more.

7. User friendly

Customers are a businessmen's top client. The future of their business is in the hands of their customers. Because of that the integration of QR codes in products and services emerges.

8. Ideal for long-term usage

Business plans are set for long term use. To match the businessmen's thoughts on the future of business, ideas that contain solutions for long term use are added. As dynamic QR codes are built for flexibility and sustainability, its idea on using these in a long-term basis is highly commendable.

9. Great Tool for advertising researches

To pitch a marketing idea for a certain product and services, strong data such as marketing statistics is needed. Finding the right tool in gathering data can be tiring. As a solution to that, QR code experts integrate the use of data tracking in dynamic QR codes.

10. Optimized for dual-platform advertising

The migration of advertising prompt from static to online has become possible. With the efforts made by technology innovators and enthusiasts, dual-platform communications come to life. To marketers and advertisers, this innovation is a great way to channel and advertise conventional advertising to modern advertising.

To follow the future of business marketing, technology through the use of QR codes is the first step that businesses can go through. Even after technological innovations escalate over time, QR codes are here to stay and think of new solutions to unprecedented circumstances.

Disclaimer: The views, suggestions and opinions expressed here are the sole responsibility of the experts. No Forbes India journalist was involved in the writing and production of this article.

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