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A journey within: Resham Kamboj explores Akashic reading to connect with the soul and discover guiding insights

Resham Kamboj, the visionary behind tarot tree of life, wears many hats-mother, spiritual healer, mentor, businesswoman, and entrepreneur. Despite graduating in fashion from NIFT Mumbai and initially believing that her love for fashion was unparalleled, life took an unexpected turn

Published: Dec 13, 2023 12:55:09 PM IST
Updated: Dec 13, 2023 12:56:41 PM IST

A journey within: Resham Kamboj explores Akashic reading to connect with the soul and discover guiding insights

Resham Kamboj, the visionary behind Tarot Tree of Life, wears many hats—a mother, spiritual healer, mentor, businesswoman, and entrepreneur. Despite graduating in fashion from NIFT Mumbai and initially believing that her love for fashion was unparalleled, life took an unexpected turn. Resham's journey underwent a transformative shift when she chose to leave her job. This pivotal decision became the catalyst for discovering her inner strength and navigating a new path. In an interview excerpt, Resham reflects on the profound changes in her life, showcasing resilience and embracing her multifaceted roles beyond the fashion world. Her story resonates as a testament to the unpredictable yet empowering twists that life can bring when one follows their authentic calling.

In a conversation with Resham Kamboj she shared us more about the Akashic Records.

Q1. What is Akashic?

Akashic reading is a spiritual practice that involves accessing the Akashic Records to gain insights, guidance, and information about a person's soul, past lives, and current life path. It's an ethereal energy, often considered the seventh realm of heaven. When individuals connect with this energy, they access a metaphorical "book" detailing their life, encompassing both positive and negative deeds, past and future experiences, as well as information about past lives. This symbolic "book" also reveals the deity to which their energy is connected. In essence, the Akashic is likened to a cosmic library, offering an opportunity to meet one's soul and seek guidance for navigating life's journey.

Q2. How can people benefit from Akashic reading?

Akashic readings offer individuals profound insights into their soul's journey, past lives, and life purpose. By accessing the metaphysical records, people can gain a deeper understanding of challenges, karmic patterns, and potential future paths. This awareness empowers them to make informed decisions, release limiting beliefs, and embark on a transformative healing journey. Connecting with the Akashic Records provides a spiritual roadmap, fostering personal growth, clarity, and a sense of purpose in navigating life's complexities.

Q3. How do you do Akashic Reading?

Utilising a potent channelled prayer, I conduct Akashic Records Reading that establishes a connection with the seventh realm of heaven, an alternate reality. Within this realm, a comprehensive repository stores an individual's past, present, and future energies in both consciousness and subconsciousness. With the client's explicit permission, I invoke the prayer in their name, facilitating access to the Akashic library, insights from spiritual masters, and messages from loved ones. This intricate process enables me to provide clients with answers sourced from this profound repository. Additionally, the connection established allows for a unique opportunity to facilitate communication between clients and their departed loved ones, fostering a bridge between realms and offering solace through spiritual connections.

Q4. What is the best way to learn Akashic reading?

Acquiring proficiency in Akashic Records Reading is most effective when learning from an experienced practitioner with a substantial client history. While books on Akashic studies serve as foundational knowledge, they primarily act as stepping stones. Practical classes, guided by an adept instructor, prove immensely beneficial in honing the skill. As the future of Akashic unfolds promisingly, my experience includes imparting this knowledge to over 5000 individuals. For those intrigued by this transformative practice, feel free to reach out on Instagram: @tarottreeoflife . The combination of theoretical understanding, hands-on experience, and guidance from an experienced mentor enhances the learning journey and ensures a comprehensive grasp of Akashic Records Reading.

Q5. In your opinion, what will people get out of an Akashic reading?

An Akashic reading can offer individuals profound self-discovery and transformative insights. They gain a detailed understanding of their soul's journey, past-life experiences, and the underlying patterns influencing their current life. The reading provides clarity on life's challenges, revealing karmic lessons and potential future paths. People often experience healing as they confront and release blockages or unresolved issues. Additionally, the Akashic Records offer guidance on life purpose, relationships, and personal growth, empowering individuals to make informed decisions. The reading fosters a deeper connection with one's spiritual essence, promoting a sense of purpose, inner peace, and alignment with one's authentic self.

Q6. It is possible to learn how to read Akashic records if you have an inherent talent for reading. But, to be able to gain this skill, how would one go about it?

Acquiring the skill of reading Akashic records often involves a combination of dedication, spiritual practice, and guidance. Begin by developing a strong foundation in meditation to quiet the mind and enhance intuitive abilities. Engage in mindfulness practices to deepen self-awareness and receptivity. Study metaphysical literature and teachings on the Akashic Records to understand the concepts and symbolism. Seek guidance from experienced mentors or practitioners who can offer insights and techniques for accessing the records. Practice consistently, fostering patience and trust in the intuitive process. Cultivate a genuine connection with higher consciousness, approaching the learning journey with humility and an open heart. Continuous self-reflection and a commitment to spiritual growth contribute to the development of this unique skill.

Q7. For new spiritual seekers , what final words of wisdom would you offer?

For new spiritual seekers embarking on this transformative journey, embrace patience and self-compassion. Allow curiosity to guide you as you explore diverse spiritual teachings, practices, and experiences. Cultivate a regular meditation or mindfulness practice to deepen self-awareness. Trust your intuition and follow what resonates with your inner truth. Seek knowledge from various sources but honour your unique path. Embrace challenges as opportunities for growth and self-discovery. Connect with supportive communities and mentors who align with your spiritual values. Remember, the journey is personal, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Above all, be kind to yourself, stay open to the unknown, and cherish the unfolding of your spiritual awakening with a sense of wonder and gratitude. 

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