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Auto sector's big name Brandon Medford show how to grow multi-million business

Brandon is definitely the epitome of grit and passion.

Published: Apr 10, 2020 01:06:22 PM IST
Updated: Apr 13, 2020 03:46:31 PM IST

Auto sector's big name Brandon Medford show how to grow multi-million business

Started working at an early age of 16, Brandon Medford has no excuses to become successful. For him, despite the situation, he is in and where he came from for as long as he is committed to overcoming everything that he will go through, he will become successful. Today, Brandon Medford is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the automobile industry. He founded what is now the No. 1 Auto Brokerage across the US based in New York City with offices that span from Florida, Atlanta and Los Angeles.

Today, he is not only a successful entrepreneur, but he is also a motivational speaker continuously educating and motivating young entrepreneurs to find themselves and become the best that they can no matter what field they’re in just like he did.

Brandon is definitely the epitome of grit and passion. He started with nothing but the dream to become something bigger. Until he met people who would open his eyes and push him further towards his dream of someday making it big. When he met his sales mentor, Brandon learned a lot of things he needed to fuel his dreams. His mentor taught him to sell at least 25 cars a month. He absorbed everything he could and quickly became one of the top sales professionals in the country. While he was met with milestones, his journey has never been easy. He also failed, lots of times, and felt stuck however, he overcame. Fast forward to today, he’s finally in a place where he could only dream of.

PTG 365 which stands for Price Too Good 365 (days of the year), was founded by Brandon, Dave Obaseki and Eric Whitehead. This trio has empowered the lives of people by creating equal opportunities to ensure everyone, regardless of socio-economic status or credit standing, can buy a car.

It offers services like no other. PTG 365 is a one-stop-shop with services such as new car sales, pre-owned car sales, auto insurance, and financial education services. They take pride in bringing a car to their client’s home without them ever driving to a dealership, that’s how incredible their services are.

Because of its success, Bradon has a show called, “Driven” on Snapchat and has become the No. 1 show on the platform.

PTG 365 is not only a successful automobile brokerage, but it is a way of life to inspire and help families buy their dream car. In the US, getting a car can be tedious and pricey but with PTG 365, owning a car just got easier. For Brandon, “any car your heart desires and your finances could afford, we will make it happen.”

By now, it’s no surprise that Brandon made a name for himself as an entrepreneur, No. 1 auto broker, being the CEO and Founder of PTG 365. Even more so, changing the lives of thousands of families to finally get their dream car. If you’re looking for someone to look up to when it comes to success, Brandon Medford is the guy to follow.

He has established himself to finally have unquestioned credibility and expertise to speak to people in the higher part of the tier. Currently, he’s the go-to guy for all new exotic cars. He’s done business with Rich the Kid, Swae Lee, Tory Lanez, Meek Mill, Gucci Mane and many more. However, behind this glaring success, Brandon remains down-to-earth and gives so much credit to his team for the entire company's success.

Today, Brandon has started his branding, marketing, and consulting company to offer all businesses the secrets to growing a healthy and successful business just as how he did.

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