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Bhupenddra Singh Raathore: Man on a mission to create Visionaries

BSR made quite an impact in the field of Business Coaching and Motivational Talks

Published: Sep 7, 2020 12:02:18 PM IST

Bhupenddra Singh Raathore: Man on a mission to create Visionaries
Mental health is a growing concern in India. The National Mental Health Survey has confirmed that approximately 10 percent of adults in our country fulfill the diagnostic criteria for a mental health condition (from disorders related to mood and anxiety to severe mental illness). With the pandemic induced gloom all around, it is refreshing to meet someone who breaks the norm.

One such inspiring person is Bhupenddra Singh Raathore, popularly known as BSR. Hailing from a humble background, life was as tough on him as it is for any kid from a lower middle class family. He didn’t know English language and wasn’t confident in interacting with people. He was so afraid of this world that he was constantly thinking of committing suicide during a particularly hard phase in his life.

However, Bhupenddra chose to fight and bring about a change in his life. Today, he is considered to be one of the most inspiring persons on the planet. He coaches and trains people from all walks of life including CEOs, Directors and Business Leaders. He has touched and inspired over a million lives in the last 10 years through his extensive public talks and the books he has written.

Bhupenddra Singh Raathore: Man on a mission to create Visionaries
When we asked him how he managed this massive transformation, he humbly attributed it all to the grace of his teachers and parents. BSR strongly believes that anyone can make it big if he gets - Sangat (Great Company), Aadat (Winning Habits), and a Guru (Compassionate Teacher).

BSR made quite an impact in the field of Business Coaching and Motivational Talks in 2016 when he authored the book, Master Your Thoughts - Master Your Life available on Amazon ( He followed it up with Mega Seminars for thousands of people for free. The book cut through the clutter by introducing the concept of how you can achieve more by shifting your thoughts.

Today, we are bringing BSR’s Wisdom to you through this short interview.

BSR, how do you look at this tough time?

Yes, these are trying times, indeed. However, one must choose to learn, adapt and thrive. You should aim to be a hero of your own story and show incredible courage and passion when dealing with the tough times. That’s how you get through them.

Everyone is facing  personal and financial challenges during this pandemic. What would you advise them?

I am of the opinion that blaming the pandemic is not fair. 95% of people are facing financial challenges due to lack of financial education. They don’t have financial discipline or the awareness. Most people don’t understand the real power of money. They earn and use the money mindlessly. I asked more than 15,000 people during my live webinars about their financial plan for the next 5-10 years. You will be surprised to know that 99% of people don’t have a plan even for the next one quarter. They don’t keep an account of their expenditure and mostly spend money on things which are liabilities.

Have you ever gone through such a difficult situation? How did you overcome it?

I discovered my vision in the year 2013 and built the foundation of my future in 2014. For the next two years I earned a lot of money. I thought that I had arrived. That’s when I became complacent. I took several wrong financial decisions and got mired under huge loans. It was a real testing time. However, I realised that I was in trouble  and hired a few experts who gave me wisdom about financial planning. Today, I can say with pride that I have achieved financial freedom. It means that I don’t need to worry about finances for the rest of my life. So here’s what I did -

  1. Learned to build the Ultimate Freedom Fund. This is the fund which I never ever use and keep it for the worst possible time.
  2. Learned about high income and top trending skills which can get me out of this situation faster, like Webinar Selling Skills.
  3. Learned to keep my mind balanced by meditating everyday. I also did Vipasana to keep myself in a meditative state
What are the top few things you’d suggest to anyone facing such tough situations?

Tough situations may last for a long time but they come to an end. I recommend to:

  1. Think and write about the worst that can happen. Once your mind understands about the worst possible outcome, you start seeing things clearly. Your mind settles down and you get courage to put up a fight.
  2. Start building skills. This is the perfect time to build your muscles which you can use well when the challenges are gone. Others still remain stuck but you can certainly go at full speed.
  3. Do everything possible to discover your vision. You must know the purpose why you are here on this planet. If possible take the help of experts.
You always talk about Vision. How can people have it when they’re facing basic challenges of house rent, food, school fees, salaries, loan, EMI etc.?

Because Vision gives you the ultimate power and I truly believe that a person can achieve anything within 10 years from the day he discovers his vision. Visionaries are never tired, They rarely get sick, they are always busy, productive and creative. Without visionaries innovations and inventions can’t happen. Without them the world wouldn’t have seen rockets, supercomputers, electric cards, smartphones etc. Visionaries are courageous and think very big. They are the ones who lead the rest of the world. The day a common man discovers his vision he will be a different person. He will be self disciplined and will be able to make bold decisions.

So how can one discover the vision?

There are two ways to discover one’s Vision:

  1. Experimenting in life: The person must travel, read, learn new things, meet new people, explore spirituality and adventures. He must attend seminars, visit exhibitions or join social groups to broaden his horizon. There will be moments or activities wherein he will find his true self and that can be a part of vision. I accidentally got into training and coaching. I never even knew that this field existed. I was an IT engineer. When I started learning new things, I realised that this is what I wanted to do.
  2. Train and learn from visionaries: The only problem with the first approach is that you never know when will you actually be able to discover your vision. So, the best and the fastest way is to learn from someone who can guide and who also is a visionary. This way, you get clarity about what vision is within just a few days or even in less than 30 hours on how to discover your vision and the steps to really go deeper into it. This is the very same reason why I have created a program called "Discover Your Vision” which is available online ( I aim to help 10 million people go through this magnificent program so they can discover who they are, what their purpose is and how they can get maximum leverage out of this life.
Let us know about your mission “India Think Rich”?

My mission is to make “India Think Rich” and hence I am running #ThinkRich Movement. In this campaign, I am working on India’s Biggest Online Live impactful 30-day Free-of-Cost Workshop that will train over 1.08 Lac people. The life-transforming workshop is named as the “Magic of Thinking Rich”. The program will be held from 1st-30th November 2020. It will consume a lot of resources and more than 1200 active volunteers are involved in making this a success. I am willing to invest in the campaign so that people have a deeper understanding of their inner potential easily. Few of the topics I will touch upon in this workshop are going to be - Law of attraction, Power of Subconscious Mind, How to be stress free, How to achieve more and become more.

What is your advice for startups and young students who want to be entrepreneurs?

I would like to see them:

  1. Read a lot because it opens your mind
  2. Learn and master four skills at the earliest - Selling Skill, People Handling Skill, Public Speaking and Presentation Skills, Social Media Skills
  3. Network with as many people as possible.
  4. Add massive value wherever you go and whoever you meet including your teams, stakeholders, customers and society
  5. Be spiritual as that’s the only saviour when nothing else helps.
Clearly, BSR is a man on a mission to create visionaries out of common people. Makes us wish that there were more such people in our country with so much positive energy. He definitely gives us hope for the future generations!

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