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Binomo Online Trading Platform gives people opportunity for extra income

Binomo enables its users to trade, and invest from the comforts of their home using the Binomo App

Published: Jul 21, 2020 10:31:42 AM IST
Updated: Jul 23, 2020 03:19:49 PM IST

Binomo Online Trading Platform gives people opportunity for extra income
The whole world is in a churn today. Now everyone understands the obvious health risks abound in the current situation and are taking a lot of precautions to ensure good health. With the economic slowdown spreading worldwide due to lockdowns, almost everyone is also aware that they need to become smarter with their money and use it judiciously.

People wish to maintain their lifestyle and not just give up. They are actively seeking alternative means to generate some extra income. They are willing to put in the effort as they can see their savings are not earning enough interest to even compensate for normal inflation.

Today, everyone is looking at options to better use their savings so as to generate capital. No wonder then, many Indians are turning to online trading platforms, which are gaining popularity in India as they offer a viable investment and earning potential to everyone.

One such online trading platform, Binomo India, has gained rapid foothold in the Indian market. Binomo is an Online Trading Platform that allows everyone to earn additional income from the comforts of their home by leveraging upon worldwide financial markets. Users seem to love the fact that Binomo’s trading strategy application offers them an opportunity to learn how to trade and benefit from global markets.

Binomo Online Trading Platform gives people opportunity for extra income
Binomo, a global major in online trading is now available to Indians with its online trading platform that is renowned for its honest trading practices. It is a solid company ready to help its users to get extra income and it also helps them to get through boredom of staying at home every day. Binomo enables its users to trade, and invest from the comforts of their home using the Binomo App.

Binomo owes its popularity to its easy to use platform and extensive training modules including a demo account with demo funds, which a person can use to understand how the platform works. It encourages users to develop their skills and train using the free demo account, and once they feel ready they can open a real account. Binomo offers online trading with minimal risks from anywhere including one’s home.  

All this makes Binomo an extremely logical choice for beginner traders. The robust platform offers everyone a demo account to practice online trading on the Binomo App, which is available to users of both Android and iOS devices.

The Binomo trading platform can also be accessed on the web. The Binomo website is highly suitable for those who like the comfort of using their Laptop or big screen desktops. However, thousands of Binomo users spread across the world confirm that they find Binomo’s mobile trading experience highly satisfactory and convenient to use as it allows them to keep an eye on their investments even while on the move. 

Depending upon the account type, Binomo offers 50+ Trading Assets including popular currencies, crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin and Litecoin, stocks, shares, commodities and other assets available for trading. It offers a great way for a person to start investing small and learn how online trading works, then work their way up to bigger trades.

Binomo Online Trading Platform gives people opportunity for extra income

The Binomo demo account is easy to understand because of its very intuitive interface and online tutorials. Even the most novice, or first time trader, can start using the Binomo demo account with ease. Binomo also offers 24-hour online assistance where users can ask any queries they might have. To top it all, the special promocode on the banners will get a +100% on the first deposit. This promotion will be available only until August 15, 2020.

Everyone who makes it a point to spend time studying how the platform and different investment strategies work, eventually benefits from the immense investment opportunities that Binomo trade offers. Binomo training has helped thousands of users worldwide to master online trading. 

Binomo helps its user base to work with short-term contracts or specific financial derivatives. People can study and learn about a variety of financial instruments or financial products offered in the global markets that they can invest in using the Binomo platform.

Binomo was the broker of the year at the 2016 IAIR Awards and named the best broker for beginners in 2015 at the FE Awards. Binomo has all licenses and certificates from The Financial Commission.

For more details on Binomo, or to join millions of Binomo traders worldwide who have already made sure of the fairness and effectiveness of the Binomo app, you can open a demo trading account with Binomo by logging on to

You can also download the Android version of the Binomo App from the Google PlayStore  or the iOS version from Apple’s App Store.

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