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Bitcoin made easier by 18 year old serial entrepreneur in India

Published: Feb 2, 2018 03:35:33 AM IST
Updated: Feb 2, 2018 05:34:17 PM IST

Bitcoin made easier by 18 year old serial entrepreneur in India

It has been existent for nearly a decade now, a phenomenon that the globe has heard of and a currency with the prospective to shape a domination which potentially might take above paper money has caused meticulous speculations from the authorities and governments of the world.

Numerous have profoundly studied it and have been compliant towards it, additionally enabling innovations instead of hindrances whereas the minority have been unenthusiastic and are still engaged in contemplating the safeties around it and handling the power of these decentralized ledgers.

The force and inclination has constantly revolved around Bitcoin moderately than the other fundamentals of the crypto-currency industry, distinctively in India. One could effortlessly characterize Bitcoin as the Bugatti of cryptocurrencies. The major problem conversely that exists in this realm is the lack of easier access to obtaining and transacting Bitcoin in a form that doesn’t harm the governments and derogates central banking but streamlines a flawless & seamless process which is homogeneously transparent.

India, a country that is accountable for 1 in every 10 transactions of cryptocurrency deserves a boost up towards the domain in corresponding lines of harnessing the supremacy of adaptability and restricting mass hysteria.

Vuzelaa Group, owned by the 18 year old serial entrepreneur and angel investor - Sahil Arora is making a strike in this space by silently placing Bitcoin ATMs across the world and his company that is creating utilities and solutions around blockchain to enable micro-payments through cryptocurrencies.

V-ATMs are machines that enable the community to instantaneously obtain any value of cryptocurrencies by inserting cash, followed by a process of quick e-KYC and crystal clear receipts.

The machines can also turn out to be a large-scale phenomenon soon as these ATMs provides the user with 0% transaction fee on buying bitcoins as the business model of it is to advertise brands on the display when the machine stands inoperative and not in-use.

“Money Laundering is the only rationale why governments are super apprehensive about such transactions which are nearly undetectable, keeping this in mind and respecting the national security of a citizen and the country - we have designed and developed the kiosks in a way that there is ample satisfaction to both the authorities and us while transparently working on the global project in multiple countries”. says Sahil Arora.

Vuzelaa has already put out 23 of such machines in Las Vegas, London, Los Angeles & Florida for the people to use and they are just getting on track.

The machines on the whole spawn a revenue of $70,000-$110,000 a month for us but what we are at present focused about is not profitability but rather the increased adaptability and putting Bitcoin and all other currencies in a place they truly merit.

Vuzelaa Group has also partnered with DasCoin - a rapidly emergent crypto-currency formulated by the most influential minds in the Globe to build ground-breaking and constructive products around blockchain.

DasCoin is the store of value in a powerful, co-operative ecosystem - DasEcosystem. An alliance of entities and technologies built on a world-class hardware infrastructure, proprietary blockchain technology, a decentralized, user friendly wallet system and a regulation-friendly global network of KYC authenticated users. All powered by an incentivized marketing engine.

“We are mainstreaming cryptocurrency and we are just getting started with an endeavor to alter the way cryptocurrencies are being used in the modern scenario as a factor of wealth formation and pump & dump to reallocate and create much more stimulating and helpful use cases around it”. says Arora.

We truly are looking ahead on how this venture shapes up in India and it’ll be unquestionably attention-grabbing to see the indomitable Sahil Arora revolutionize the way people of this country look at cryptocurrencies. 

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