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Building a cohesive organisational culture: A blueprint for success by Sonali De Sarker, VP- HR, Epsilon India

Culture is not a destination but an ongoing journey

Published: Feb 22, 2024 03:46:42 PM IST
Updated: Feb 22, 2024 04:06:38 PM IST

Building a cohesive organisational culture: A blueprint for success by Sonali De Sarker, VP- HR, Epsilon India

In the fast-paced and ever-evolving landscape of today's corporate world, a cohesive organizational culture stands as the bedrock of success. Over the year, I have witnessed first-hand the transformative power of intentional strategies aimed at creating a workplace where employees not only thrive but feel deeply connected to the organization's mission. I’ve listed four key pillars that I believe form the foundation of building a cohesive organizational culture.

1. A Cohesive Onboarding Program

The first few days of an employee's journey are crucial in setting the tone for their entire tenure. A cohesive onboarding program is not merely an administrative checklist, but a carefully curated experience designed to immerse new hires in the organization's culture from day one.

At Epsilon, we go beyond the traditional onboarding processes. While we cover the necessary procedural aspects, we also focus on integrating new hires into the social fabric of the company. Buddy programs connect them with seasoned employees who guide them through their initial days, providing insights into the company's values and unwritten norms.

Customization is key. Recognizing that everyone brings a unique set of experiences and expectations, we tailor our onboarding program to cater to diverse needs. This personalized approach not only accelerates the integration of new employees but also sets the stage for a culture that celebrates diversity and inclusivity.

2. Creating Moments That Matter

At the heart of a cohesive organizational culture lies the commitment to creating meaningful touch points throughout the employee journey. The employee experience begins long before an individual joins the company and extends well beyond their last day. Every interaction, from the initial recruitment process to ongoing daily engagements, plays a crucial role in shaping the overall culture.

One of the strategies we've adopted at Epsilon is to weave our core values into every touch point. This starts with a carefully crafted recruitment process that not only evaluates skills and qualifications but also assesses cultural fit. It's about more than just finding the right candidate; it's about finding the right team member who aligns with our values and vision.

Once on board, we ensure our strong employee experience programs create meaningful interventions that are inclusive, build camaraderie, and create memorable experiences that touch not only the employees’ lives but also include their families and support ecosystems. In essence, the journey is not a series of isolated events but a continuous narrative that strengthens the bond between employees and the organization.

3. Enabling and Engaging Mid Management

The role of mid-management cannot be overstated in shaping and sustaining organizational culture. These leaders are the connection between top leadership and the rest of our employees, responsible for translating the company's vision into actionable strategies while understanding and addressing the needs of their teams.

At Epsilon, we recognize the importance of enabling and engaging mid-management as culture carriers. Leadership development programs are not solely reserved for the upper echelons; they extend to mid-level managers as well. Our 'Catalysers' development program is specifically crafted for this community. Designed to prepare managers for success with building, developing, and engaging their teams, these learning programs are enabled by internal L&D facilitators, co-facilitated by senior leaders, and supported by external coaches and mentors. By providing them with the necessary tools, resources, and mentorship, we empower them to lead with purpose and align their teams with the overarching organizational culture.

Furthermore, we foster an environment of open communication and feedback. Mid-managers are encouraged to be conduits for information flowing both ways, ensuring that the concerns and ideas of their teams reach the senior leadership. This collaborative approach breaks down silos and cultivates a sense of shared responsibility for the organization's success.

4. Employee Development Beyond Craft

In an era where skills are ever evolving, a forward-thinking organization understands that employee development goes beyond honing technical competencies. At Epsilon, we are committed to nurturing the holistic development of our workforce, recognizing that well-rounded individuals contribute to a thriving workplace culture.

Our approach involves a combination of formal training, mentorship initiatives, and opportunities for experiential learning. One special initiative we’re proud of is DevelopU, a 3-day learning fest, held twice a year. Tied in with the culture of development, the event ventures beyond regular trainings and gives its audience a sneak peek into all the happenings in the macro-environment that’s shaping their work and development opportunities. The platform brings industry experts and learning professionals from different industry sectors to share their knowledge on trending topics, proven practices, the future of technology, and what's hot and what's not.

We also provide all employees access to Marcel, a custom-made AI platform with a suite of features and services designed to learn, collaborate, and network. With a borderless philosophy at its core, Marcel breaks down internal and geographic silos across the organisation and ensures our clients get access to the high-quality, specialist capabilities they need to learn and grow in a hybrid environment.

We place a strong emphasis on soft skill development. Leadership, communication, and emotional intelligence are considered essential components of employee growth. By prioritizing the development of the whole individual, we ensure that our employees are not only experts in their respective fields but also effective collaborators and leaders.


In conclusion, building a cohesive organizational culture is not a one-size-fits-all endeavour. It requires a strategic and holistic approach that spans the entire employee journey.

At Epsilon, we understand that culture is not a destination but an ongoing journey. By consistently investing in these key areas, we not only establish ourselves as a great place to work but also position ourselves as a thought leader in creating a workplace where employees find purpose, fulfilment, and lasting success.

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