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Corporate Gifting the Cadbury Way

"The manner of giving, is worth more than the gift", goes a wise old saying.

Published: Oct 3, 2018 07:31:22 AM IST
Updated: Oct 3, 2018 06:10:35 PM IST

Corporate Gifting the Cadbury Way
“The manner of giving, is worth more than the gift”, goes a wise old saying.
And that couldn’t be truer than in the case of corporate gifting, where every interaction counts in terms of the experience that it delivers. Be it to employees, customers, clients, business partners or any valued stakeholder, the ultimate purpose of a business gift is to make the giftee feel valued and special.

Experts have narrowed down the guidelines for corporate gifting into three simple, perhaps obvious, rules:

Rule 1: Personalise the gift
Personalised gifts make a lasting impression on the giftee, about the gifter. Rather than being treated as merely a figure from a data base, personalised corporate gifting is about valuing the giftee’s individuality. Therefore, these kind of gifts help nurture business relations and are cherished by the giftee. A simple measure like having personalised messages and images printed on the gifts can go a long way in creating an emotional aura around the gift.   

Rule 2: Never compromise on quality
A gift is an embodiment of a sentiment. It makes a subtle statement about the gifter- organisation and its impression of the giftee. So while most companies will have budgets for gifting, it’s crucial to give only the best that fits the budget.  

Rule 3: Be classic yet creative
Corporate gifting is not a new custom. It is as old as the notion of business itself and transcends cultures and geographic spaces. As a result, while the gift must be tried and tested, in terms of its appeal, it must be fresh in its appearance so that it creates the right impact.

Adhering to these three simple rules of corporate gifting, will deliver benefits to both the business and its stakeholders. While the organisation fosters relationships and its reputation, the recipients experience delight and feel valued.

Cadbury Joy Deliveries
As if in answer to corporate gifters’ prayers, chocolate giant, Cadbury, has devised a gifting proposition that conforms perfectly to the rule book. ‘Cadbury Joy Deliveries’ is uniquely crafted to enable businesses to gift personalised Cadbury chocolate hampers to employees, business partners, associates and clients. This idea is supported by four USPs – personalisation of every gift, attractive discounts, multi-address hassle-free shipment and, a wide range to choose from.

Personalisation at its finest: The first and most attractive feature of ‘Cadbury Joy deliveries’ is the ability to personalise every chocolate hamper. This can be done in the form of getting personalised messages and images printed on each pack. For example, a corporate entity can easily get its logo and the names of all its employees, printed on the chocolate hampers, that they plan to gift their employees this Diwali.  It need not always be the company logo. A representational image, depicting an occasion or evoking a fond memory, along with an associated message of choice, strike the perfect chord in terms of personalisation.

Quality at its best: There is no scope for debate on the brand being an icon of excellence in the world of chocolate. Synonymous with the word ‘chocolate’ in India, Cadbury’s products are celebrated for their wide range that spans an exquisitely designed assortment of Cadbury treats, including signature chocolate packs, and special edition chocolate gift packs to its regular, off-the-shelf bars, that are equally delectable.

Attractive Discounts and Delivery Convenience:
Leveraging its market leadership that brings economies of scale, Cadbury is able to offer attractive discounts on its gift packs, accommodating corporates with varying gifting budgets.  Additionally, riding on its robust distribution network across the country, the company also offers to tackle distribution woes, including multi-address, hassle free shipping, leaving organisations with a sweet after taste of the whole gifting exercise!

Online orders: The deal clincher for most corporates is the option to place orders online at Cadbury Joy Deliveries Website . With their busy schedules that run parallel to the crucial responsibility of selecting and executing the whole corporate gifting exercise, the facility to place anywhere-anytime orders comes as a saving grace. The tedious process of visiting vendors, supermarkets, convenience stores and trade outlets to finalise orders, is eliminated.

Here’s how you can get in touch with the Cadbury Joy Deliveries team for all your business gifting needs this Diwali:

Phone: 1800-267-2249 | Email ID:

You can also leave your enquiry here < > and the team will reach out to you.