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How this startup takes aim at some of the biggest problems on the Internet today

The company has successfully completed the development phase and entering into the customer acquisition phase

Published: Dec 24, 2020 02:23:26 PM IST
Updated: Dec 24, 2020 05:27:22 PM IST

How this startup takes aim at some of the biggest problems on the Internet today
John Zerihoun, founder of

Today, with Internet access becoming popular, the coronavirus lockdown has prompted a significant increase in news consumption. Social media plays an important role in viral content. But it is also not hidden from us that a lot of fake news spreads on the Internet. According to a recent report on a leading daily, "People are spreading the fake news on major social media platforms."

Another cause of the growing outbreak is the technology revolution that includes smartphones as an interface for news consumption, the Reuters Institute said in its annual digital news report. Therefore, there is no doubt in saying that online media is growing rapidly declining trust in the news due to misinformation and fake news on social media by some politicians.

While Addressing the European Data Protection & Privacy Conference, Craig Federighi, the senior Vice President of Apple Inc., said that “Never before has the right to privacy — the right to keep personal data under your own control — been under assault like it is today.”   

This is where a new exciting company soon to hit markets all over the world, Yamba S.A.R.L, the most consumer-centric social media platform on the market, steps in. Yamba offers a full one-stop solution for web users ranging from favorite videos and favorite foods to big data research and celebrity following. The platform utilizes a proprietary algorithm that delivers highly personalized content according to every individual’s specific demands.

For users, it is complete internet that offers services such as search, hashtag search, video browsing, social networking, and in addition a complete e-commerce portal to select the products of their choice and interest.

For businesses it offers a remarkable return on advertising gains, direct access to 1st party data, a pure new concept, Yamba shares its income with the businesses listed on it. This is not limited to businesses, rather extended to celebrities, sports clubs, and social icons.


Big Data analytics will also play an important role and will help develop an information database so that every online information will be available through Yamba.

The company has successfully completed the development phase and entering into the extended marketing and customer acquisition phase.

Today, Yamba, via strategic partners reaches a global population of 2 billion people. The single largest population reach of any media content platform. Exclusive content with some of the biggest celebrities in the world and is currently being produced in preparation for launch this autumn.

Please explain your influencer marketing strategy?

So, for almost 2 years now, we’ve been signing exclusive contracts with some of the largest content producers within Sport/Entertainment/Lifestyle. Each of them produces content the vast majority of digital platform users consume and some of that content can only be exclusively consumed on our platform.

Why are content producers part of your strategy?

Content producers ignite demand on the market. They are the vital key to start the engine so to speak.

How many content producers are involved in the campaign?

Tons. I don’t want to put a specific number to your question but today we reach critical mass on all markets targeted for our roll-out strategy.

Who are your content producers?

Major organizations, associations, event organizers, global companies, and individuals with millions of followers on social media.

Why do you believe that content producers will be the growth driver of your platform?

It is key to ignite the engine. People go where they get the best content, advertisers go wherever people go.

What makes your platform different from others?

As we are not a social media platform per se, rather have a clear focus on content – we usually say that the best thing with Yamba is that we take social out of media. In Yamba, you get exactly what you want from the source you want it from. You’ll have a 100% organic feed, there is not a proprietary algorithm pushing you random content you didn’t ask for. You can upload text/picture/video and automatically arrange it into boxes of interest (a dream for social media influencers!).

Any specific information about your initiative that makes it newsworthy. What makes you stand out already?

The main buzz with Yamba is the multifold game-changing (sorry for the use of a tacky word) solutions for all stakeholders, here’s a couple you will read a lot about in a near future.

Users choose the exact content (and I do mean exact) from their preferred content producer. Thus, their feed is fully organic, filled with only content they have chosen – hence no noise or fake media pushed by a secret algorithm.

Content producers can for the first time earn money on the data they produce (they also have the best deal on the market on ads). In fact, the data is sold directly from the content producers to advertisers.

In today’s post-Covid global economies, society is more focused than ever on keeping social media as pure as possible. And, Yamba’s platform is key to making that a reality.

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