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I treat my businesses like family, says the new age CEO Arian Romal Johnsen

Arian Romal Johnsen is the CEO and founder of Romal Empire Capital

Published: Aug 24, 2020 04:07:50 PM IST
Updated: Aug 25, 2020 05:50:38 PM IST

I treat my businesses like family, says the new age CEO Arian Romal Johnsen
The new age CEO Entrepreneur and business magnate, Arian Romal Johnsen is the CEO and founder of Romal Empire Capital. At 13 years of age, Arian started a website with his younger brother Omid Romal Johnsen, where they were trying to make money from advertisement on their website.

Internet was like the new Kid on the block those days and these young boys new that there is an opportunity here. They made their first income from their website and couldn’t believe that the cheque they received was real. That was just the beginning.

Throughout the years Arian found himself in a journey of an entrepreneur.

Music, Movies and Internet were the only things that mattered to him.

He started his music career then, where after working with different major music companies, he decided to start his own Music Label Company.

In a conversation with Arian, he revealed to us that: He has always been an entrepreneur; and knew from the beginning that no one can do a better job for him and his work than himself. Arian was filled with so much of self-confidence that nothing could stop him then nor now, as that confidence has just grown bigger with time. Arian says – ‘I always knew that the Internet and Digital is the future but I didn’t have enough capital then to start a business related to Digital, so I started working with everything which was available to me. I still remember my early days where I’ve worked as a waiter in a restaurant, have also worked as a transport driver simultaneously being a musician with published songs. There was a day where I had to give an interview with a Radio station because of one my songs “Never Gonna Leave You” was in A-Rotation on the radio; and while doing the live interview, I was at work, so I had to do my interview and my work at the same time.

In that moment I knew that nothing is impossible if you work for it.’

We asked Arian about the future plans for business and life, his vision and what are the projects instilled in the coming future. He replies:

 “We need to understand and accept the changes that have come with the Covid-19 situation. The world is a different place and as much as you like it or hate it, we can’t change the fact that doing things digitally is the future.

Let’s be honest, Digital E-commerce have made life easier and safer for all of us. The future of our life will be more and more connected with Digital, and it seems now that we all humans have accepted it and are getting accustomed to it.

My plan for future is to make life even easier and better for human beings. My main focus is Tech where I and my company are working hard every day to create the next life changing Tech venture.”

The past few years, Arian Romal Johnsen with his family and mainly his brothers, Omid Romal Johnsen and Ryan Romal Johnsen have been working on building life changing Mobile applications and Tech ventures like: LetsPartii App, Digital Cinema App, HotJug App, XYme and many more.

We asked Arian about how he is finding time to be an Artist and CEO at the same time while managing more than 10 companies and he replied:

“We are in a new age of business. If you ask me a good CEO is a multitasking CEO. In my generation people think that we all need to be faster, smarter, better. I don’t think like that and I defiantly don’t believe it.

For me being CEO is the same as being a family member, being a brother, being a son. Think of your business as a family member and treat your business as family.

Luckily for me, I’m coming from a loving, supporting and daring family, so we treat our business’s the same way.”

Arian Romal Johnsen is a new age CEO who runs a private owned holding company with his family, worth more than USD $50 Million dollars.

The latest tech company that he is working on is Digital Cinema App, a new age streaming platform with specialty in VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented reality). Digital Cinema App is the new major streaming platform where you don’t need to pay monthly subscription but pay for what you want to watch. The platform has a Free segment as well where you can pre watch advertisements and collect XYme Coins where you can use the coins to watch movies.

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