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India big investment hub for Trend Micro, invests in local Data Centers

Trend Micro sees vast potential in India and invests significantly in data centers

Published: Dec 29, 2021 11:18:17 AM IST
Updated: Dec 29, 2021 11:21:48 AM IST

India big investment hub for Trend Micro, invests in local Data CentersWith the rapid growth in digital technology and cloud usage, the need for cybersecurity is intensifying too, as these are essentially two sides of the same coin. So, to discuss issues related to digital security and growth, Gautam Srinivasan, on behalf of Forbes India, moderated a conversation with key executives from Trend Micro, a leading global cybersecurity firm, with a range of solutions and operations in 65 countries.

With Trend Micro India recently having made significant investments in Cloud One and XDR Data centers, amongst other solutions, these special guests - Nilesh Jain, Vice President for South East Asia and India at Trend Micro and Vijendra Katiyar, Country Manager for India and SAARC region at Trend Micro – shed light on the company’s philosophy, products and services in general and specifically in the context of India.

Nilesh Jain explained that while keeping its customers ahead of cyberthreats, globally, Trend Micro’s strategy has always been aligned with the vision of its clients. Specific strategies differ to accommodate the unique position of a client on its digital journey, its distinctive challenges, culture, skill set and capabilities, etc. He said, “I call it ‘Transformability’ and an organization’s transformability is very different from any other. At Trend Micro we are building solutions that can be easily adopted and become a part of our customer’s journey of digital transformation and we see it as our responsibility to help them transform, while understanding their limitations.”

Vijendra Katiyar’s observations were more specific to the vision and roadmap of Trend Micro India. “In the last two years, there has been a massive boom in cloud adoption,” he noted. “With the rapid expansion in the use of cloud, the key concern of enterprises is how the journey can be made secure. That is where our solutions come in. For instance, with Cloud One, right from the build phase of the application to the run time, security can be incorporated.”

They went on to explain how they are building the SOC partner ecosystem and XDR services in India. They also discussed their endeavor to forge true partnerships with clients by offering hybrid models with both product and service support, in the form of ServiceOne and VisionOne, in addition to CloudOne and XDR. They touched upon their role in the cybersecurity of critical segments, like banking and finance and government and defense, which are highly regulated.

The highlight of the conversation was that as things stand, Trend Micro is the first and only cybersecurity company in India that has its XDR lake/data center, CloudOne and various other solutions hosted within India. This was towards ensuring that customers have access to the best solutions offered by Trend Micro, without concerns about data localization and data sovereignty.

The message that Nilesh Jain and Vijendra Katiyar sent out, loud and clear, was that India is a big investment hub for Trend Micro.

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