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India's leading Health Information Management Company blends profits with purpose: AM Infoweb

Ali Merchant consistently strives to make AM Infoweb's guiding principles a reflection of his ethics

Published: Jul 30, 2020 04:48:37 PM IST

India's leading Health Information Management Company blends profits with purpose: AM Infoweb
AM Infoweb has been the first choice for more than a decade when it comes to Health Information Management. State-of-the-art infrastructure, qualified team of professionals, and a rich experience of generating exponential returns for their clients consistently, has kept AM Infoweb at the top of their game.

Recently, we got an opportunity to speak to the man behind AM Infoweb, Founder and CEO, Mr. Ali Merchant in an exclusive interaction. During our time with him we discovered what makes AM Infoweb the leader of the pack.

Ali Merchant says, “Focusing on integrated end-to-end outsourcing, we provide all our clients with revolutionary benefits through right-sourcing driven cost reduction, automation led productivity improvements, and insights led process re-engineering. Today, we are expanding quickly by acquiring more office spaces each year, increasing the strength of our AM Infoweb family by hiring qualified professionals, and we have a strong presence across all the 50 states in USA, these facts itself are a testament to the value we provide to our clients. But, what separates us from our competitors is our purpose!”

People are driven by a purpose. At AM Infoweb, he implores his qualified professional team to understand what value they are providing. To explain his thought process better, he cites the example of medical record retrieval. He says, “Imagine a woman who is the breadwinner of the family, unfortunately she got hurt and is now unable to work and support her family. Money to run the household is running out. She is dejected and desperate. She is seeking a disability claim, but only timely retrieval of the medical record can ensure that the person receives the benefits that she deserves. Thus, when we do our work right, it makes a huge difference in someone’s life.” This thought process has helped AM Infoweb to become a leader in Health Information Management.

Following Ali Merchant’s lead, every member of the AM Infoweb family is committed to adding value and making a difference through their professional expertise. He says, “We aim to reduce the operations cost of our clients, so that they can pass on the benefits to their end customers. Our mission is to make sure that medical insurance which means security for an individual, legal services which means justice for an individual and medical facilities which means health for individuals is within reach of everyone who need it. I believe these basic needs apart from food and shelter is everyone’s right and we are going to help make it so affordable that everyone can have it.”

Ali Merchant consistently strives to make AM Infoweb’s guiding principles a reflection of his ethics. He believes, a business organization must have all the moral ethics and beliefs whichhelp in guiding the values, behaviours, the crucial decisions of any organization,as well as the employees who work in the organization.

Ali Merchant believes, if a company follows ethical practices based on empathy and compassion, then it will surely add value to the lives of people. A purpose based on the foundation of ethics helps in taking decisions that will not only help with work but also benefit the organization as a whole. “You can either be a manager, employee or company executive”, he says “your position in the company doesn't matter. What matters the most is the way in which you run your business. I believe that following an ethical business practice with a strong purpose helps in sustainable business growth, better productivity.”

As AM Infoweb continues to grow and reach greater heights, it has redefined success by blending their profits with their purpose, building strong and meaningful relationships with all their clients, employees, and all their stakeholders.

Disclaimer: The views, suggestions and opinions expressed here are the sole responsibility of the experts. No Forbes India journalist was involved in the writing and production of this article.

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