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The untold secrets of the modeling world from an insider

Modeling is not only a vast industry but extremely lucrative as well

Published: Jul 30, 2020 04:36:28 PM IST

The untold secrets of the modeling world from an insider
There is something about a runway that makes a model go wild. Every model whether its a male or female subconsciously dreams of being on a runway at least once in their lifetime. If that runway is part of an avant-garde fashion show, it surely is a dream for many. Imagine all those flashing camera lights from long-lens cameras capturing your every angle and people staring at your every move. It's a long awaiting dream for many but for some, its a day to day reality.

But for those the above experience is still a dream, they may not be aware that everybody is welcome in the modeling industry regardless of gender, race, color, or religion. While modeling looks quite enjoyable with the runway shows, spotlights, high-heels, and crowds, for an industry insider the reality is a little bit more involved than the aesthetics. Fact of the matter is modeling is not just walking and wearing fashionable, stylish clothes. Few know modeling is years of sacrifice, patience, devotion, time commitment, effort, and floods of tears.

Modeling is not only a vast industry but extremely lucrative as well, which means the competition is intense with every category of modeling. So the real question is: What does it take to become a successful model? Although entering into any field can be competitive, there is always a key to every door!

Here are some industry secrets shared by Kelvin Boon to help upcoming models to break into the industry. Kelvin is the author of “Secrets to Become A Successful Model” and the owner of Boon Models, a top modeling agency in America with branches in New York, Washington Dc, Miami, Dubai and Mumbai.

1. How to climb modeling industry ladder fast

Entering into the modeling industry involves many systematic steps, if you miss one of those elements, you will be left behind. All top agencies routinely search for next super model in all avenues possible including malls, Instagram, Facebook, colleges and even on the street. You can be the one they have been searching endlessly for, but you will not always be the only one or the last one. When a model gets an opportunity to work with a top agency, get the best out of that opportunity.

Be aware that as a newcomer, you need to climb the industry ladder from the bottom, you will never start at the top. Be willing to work hard, passionate and consistent in your approach. The difference between an average model and a supermodel is will power.

2. Understand the beauty standards in the industry

When you are not part of the industry, entering the modeling industry might feel daunting. But remember that models are real people regardless of size, weight, color, and race. All top agencies have their own beauty standards, but those standards are sometimes fluid depending on their client requirements. Keep on applying to all agencies and make it a habit to follow up every now and then. You never know when an opportunity suitable to your statistics will open up.

3. What should be your mindset

Modeling is all about mindset. If a model thinks she can do it, then she definitely can! It is not about starting big; it is all about growing. Think of yourself as a butterfly, locked in your cocoon. Your struggle gives you strength. Without the struggle, you will not be strong enough for the next phase of your life. Thinking of being small and remembering you can always grow is a good mindset for any aspiring model.

Models who are just starting out should be willing to work with talented photographers to grow their portfolio. Sometimes a model has to pay the photographer for her portfolio and other times she might have to trade her time for professional photos. That is how her talent gets discovered in the industry. Hone your skills and work ethic until the offers from agencies begin piling up.

More often than not, being a successful model is not a linear path, its usually a non linear path with a graph that shows some flat lines, ups and down trends. However an aspiring model can accelerate her career growth exponentially with an amazing book Secrets to Become a Model from Kelvin Boon an industry veteran. This book is packed with insider information and based on real life experience of Kelvin Boon who works with aspiring models and supermodels on a day to day basis.

A collection of his life-long lessons is waiting for you inside the book, I would encourage you to check it out now. I assure you this book provides a step-by-step approach to become a successful model for any aspiring models regardless of her experience in the industry. Having a guide is the best way to begin as an aspiring model, so get started by grabbing the book!

For more information about the book and how you can purchase it, visit www.boonmodels.com/book.

Disclaimer: The views, suggestions and opinions expressed here are the sole responsibility of the experts. No Forbes India journalist was involved in the writing and production of this article.

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