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Samir Riaz: The Next Great Property Tycoon

Samir Riaz, an extremely successful entrepreneur and rising property tycoon based in London, is ready to take over the entire real estate game and the timing couldn't be more perfect.

Published: Jul 30, 2020 04:24:53 PM IST

Samir Riaz: The Next Great Property Tycoon
It looks like the UK economy might be getting back on its feet. According to Andy Haldane the chief economist and the Executive Director of Monetary Analysis and Statistics at the Bank of England, there has been a “v shaped” bounce back. The UK suffered a 25% loss in the economy due to Covid-19, and has been making a 1% comeback each week. As it stands, spending data suggests that British citizens have regained half of the economic output they lost due to the virus.

In order for the growth to be long lasting, Britain and every other country financially devastated by the virus will likely need to turn to their most innovative entrepreneurs for answers. Samir is up for the challenge. Riaz has the exact business acumen, experience and opportunity to help bring the global economy back faster and make everyone who works with him very rich in the process.

At only 35 years old, Samir is a rare self-made success story. 17 years ago Samir began supplying and installing air conditioning units and ventilation equipment all over the UK. Since then, this once small operation has grown into a company called Crystal Sigma with a network of over 100 contractors. Their impressive roster of clients include several high profile celebrities, billionaires all over the world, Qatar airways, Pizza Hut, Starbucks, Costa Coffee, Burger King, Premier Inn, Yum, KFC and many other massive contracts. Business is going so well that they are acquiring a sister company, Buy Air Conditioning Ltd., in September 2020 to handle an even larger group of clients.

Why do so many of the world’s wealthiest brands trust Samir? In addition to his long track record of success and the insane growth of his business Samir prides himself on being an expert. Last year SKY News published a story about how the temperature at the workplace is causing dysfunction between genders and leading to overall productivity issues for the employees that feel too cold. Riaz was interviewed as well and broke down how it’s not just about having a unit that can perform well, but one that is perfect for that environment.

Samir’s true expertise lies in business and making the right investment at the perfect time. That’s why Samir has taken a portion of his success from the air conditioning industry and invested it into the real estate market and the results have been astounding. Samir recently founded Carnival Estate Ltd, and currently is developing a stellar portfolio of incredibly lucrative property investments all over the UK.

Samir’s growing real estate empire has reached America too. Carnival Estate is currently in discussions with an anonymous high profile client in the star studded town of Beverly Hills, California. This has caught the attention of Riaz’s powerful and extremely wealthy network in the Middle East too. Samir has strong ties to billions of dollars of spending power in Kuwait, Bahrain, and Qatar and they are all salivating at Riaz’s new real estate venture as they have made many large investment offers. Their interest has made Samir look to Dubai as the next region for Carnival Estate to dominate.

You may have heard the term “It’s a buyers market!” and that actually holds up in our current climate. With real estate prices dropping and interest rates being as low as they are, bidding wars over property are keeping the economy alive all around the world. As Samir and his team at Riaz and Sons Ltd (the parent company that invests in Carnival Estate Ltd. and all of his other companies) grow their new business there’s no telling how much of a gold mine he might be sitting on.

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