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Kelsa, leader in offering solution specific frameworks for a high performing workplace

Kelsa believes in measuring what they do and hence provides their clients with metrics to measure the impact of their work

Published: Jan 27, 2021 04:28:04 PM IST
Updated: Jan 27, 2021 06:56:32 PM IST

Kelsa, leader in offering solution specific frameworks for a high performing workplace
Established in March 2010, Kelsa Management Solutions started with a mission to cater to the needs of small and medium-sized corporations to manage their people requirements who, are on the threshold of growth.

The company co-founded by K. Sridhar, R. Shantaram and Devika Dharmaraj is augmenting its vision of being a unique solution provider by establishing their frameworks for Organization and Leadership Development and Employee Engagement. During the last eleven years of its journey, Kelsa has matured into an organization that not only provides niche HR solutions but has also used its expertise to build an HR Academy.

Going That Extra Mile!

They have partnered with more than 200 clients through a vast spectrum of industries. Kelsa’s clients are of all sizes and varieties; from small, promoter-led firms and start-ups to medium to large, diversified MNCs. Kelsa has delivered solutions which are tailor-made to the requirements of the customers across the entire HR life cycle in an organization. Kelsa’s partners also take on the role of Independent Directors on Boards of companies to help them formulate their people strategies at the Board level.

The asymmetric expectations concerning strategy and execution imposes a tremendous burden on HR professionals which, seems to be the prime reason why small and medium-sized organizations have a hard time not only finding top HR talents in the industry but also retaining them. Kelsa perceived this as an opportunity and addressed the problem by aligning the business vision of the customer firms with the HR strategy in the SME space. Its ultimate goal is to help transform the HR role to being Business Partners who advise organizations on their strategies.

Kelsa, leader in offering solution specific frameworks for a high performing workplace
More About The Founders

The combined experience of the firm crosses the threshold of a hundred years in the Human Resource industry. K. Sridhar has more than 40 years of experience, working and growing in various organizations as a strategist. He is a veteran management professional in the industry. Sridhar has done his post-graduation in management from the University of Madras. Later, he has been trained as a Lead Assessor for P-CMM at the Carnegie-Mellon University, USA. He has played a variety of roles in small, medium and large organizations.

R. Shantaram is a post-graduate in management from XLRI, Jamshedpur.R. Shantaram has an experience of 30 years in the HR industry. He has worked in diverse roles in organizations ranging from 15,000-strong transnationals to start-ups having less than 30 employees. He has worked in a variety of industries including manufacturing, automobiles, IT/ITES, media and consulting. He was a key member of the India leadership team at Sutherland Global Services, spearheading the growth of the organization from ‘proof-of-concept’ to becoming one of the top 5 BPO companies in India.

The diversity of the Founders’ experiences as well as that of Kelsa’s early years has helped the firm through various challenging assignments in different sectors of industries. The values shared by the Founders have contributed to Kelsa’s achievements.

Corporate Ethos

Kelsa’s professionals acknowledge the need of the client organization and then bring innovative solutions to the table. This approach makes their work cycle unique in the industry which, aligns with the values and culture of their client. They have added value to a variety of organizations in various stages of growth to help people deliver better performance, dovetail business strategies and people practice, develop leadership teams and put together systems to scale up performances. Kelsa strives to measure the impact of their work through internally developed metrics relevant to the client organization.

Products at KELSA

The many years of service, practice, and experience have translated into four products which Kelsa offers:

  • Kelsa Konvex® is a 360° audit of all the HR practices in the organization: HR Audit product is designed specifically to understand need-gaps and bottle-necks in achieving goals. It is designed not with the past or even present in mind, but with a focus on the future. The major differentiator of Kelsa Konvex® is that it looks at the “As-Is” state as a starting point to build capabilities to take the organization to “Where the company ought to be.” The Kelsa Konvex® audit culminates in a set of specific action areas for the client to work on – where required, Kelsa will support the execution as well.
  • The H3M3® is an employee engagement framework that recognizes both the emotional and logical (Heart and Mind, hence the name, H3M3) components of engagement. A key differentiator is that Kelsa’s model can uncover enterprise-wide, systemic gaps while also being able to provide people-manager-specific action areas for boosting employee engagement.
  • Flexible 360° Leadership Feedback Survey a mobile app, is extremely flexible and scalable. Kelsa has combined the organizational goal of understanding leadership capability with a unique “Hidden Capability Finder”, with individual goals of driving leadership behaviour through their own tailored program for development.
  • HR Academy encompasses the whole spectrum of HR’s latest concepts and top practices existing in the industry. This product would assist HR practitioners to take on more daunting challenges and roles in the organization, and employ the most efficient techniques. The product can enhance the potential of an individual significantly. It can be delivered on-premises or over multiple digital platforms. Kelsa has partnered with Madras School of Social Work to conduct a one-year Executive Diploma Course in which the 4th batch is currently in progress. Apart from this, Kelsa has also provided short- term courses on Excellence in Talent Management Professional, Employee Wellness and Mental Health Certified Talent Management Professional, Behaviours@Work and Certified HR Analytics Professional course done for the GCC region.

Strength And Growth Plan

Kelsa’s biggest strength is its customers. Almost all clients come back to work with them, and hence they secure multiple engagements covering different phases of HR interventions. They have developed a ‘Knowledge Management Repository’ that helps faster deployment of interventions by leveraging its wealth of experience in similar engagements. Kelsa maintains an open and transparent culture in their working. This practice encourages its employees to embrace opportunities to gain unique insights and work on new projects. The team is allowed to try and test new paradigms of HR interventions.

Presently, Kelsa is observing a quantum jump in its growth. Since they possess an excellent foundation and a loyal customer base, they are gearing up for a rapid growth boost in the coming two to three years both nationally as well as internationally. With projects successfully executed in countries like the USA, South Africa, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Qatar etc., they have gained traction to expand their services overseas. Kelsa’s most principal assets are speed and quality in delivering the results to the client organizations. Kelsa looks forward to impacting many more firms across industries in the years to come!

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