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Kanishka Jain: Giving skincare a global glow with a traditional touch

Kanishka Jain is simplifying skincare through her brand Dromen & Co. Apothecary

Published: Jan 27, 2021 04:41:20 PM IST
Updated: Jan 28, 2021 04:51:21 PM IST

Kanishka Jain: Giving skincare a global glow with a traditional touch
While all of us know the endless benefits of having a skincare routine, most of us find it to be as extensive as a house chore. After all, how many products is someone supposed to apply in a day? With the changing climate, propelling pollution and packed-to-the-minute schedules, it can be a little challenging to find the time for self-care.

Tackling this very stigma, Kanishka Jain came up with the idea for Dromen & Co. Apothecary. An ardent follower of home remedies, Kanishka found her mother giving the most active mixes for her skin. The results were long-lasting but, so was the process of making and applying these products. Through the introduction of a skincare line, Kanishka wanted to achieve the same effect in less than half that time.

A graduate from the esteemed Parson School of Design in Paris, she understood the concepts of product presentation, brand management and creative styling. Plus, a keen eye for fashion and everything it represents kept her close to the curtain at all times. During her academic years at Parson, she further ventured into the intricacies of running a fashion house by working with outliers like Oscar De La Renta and Alexander Wang. The Biotherm Project by L’Oreal was especially instrumental in bringing the complacence of nature, science and skin together for her.

Kanishka Jain: Giving skincare a global glow with a traditional touch
Back in the country, she revived her initial idea to bring an array of skincare products to life. The aim was to develop a line that completes personal care for a modern woman in no time. To stick to the traditional formulas, Kanisha went with extensive research in Japan, China and India. All the elements were studied in detail to gauge the most complementing blends.

But, only recognizing her prowess wasn’t enough. Kanishka knew she was planning to enter a saturated market and needed an upper hand to thrive in it truly. Hence, she continued her journey by participating in beauty exhibitions and seminars across the globe. After garnering all the knowledge, her brand “Dromen & Co. Apothecary” was incepted in 2018. Backed by a unique perspective, Dromen & Co. Apothecary fit seamlessly into the demanding lifestyles of everyone around. The on-the-go effectiveness carved a special niche for the brand, making it a personal favourite for anyone in the fast lane of life.

Kanishka Jain: Giving skincare a global glow with a traditional touch
Today, the brand is an indispensable part of the skin and personal care rituals for men and women worldwide. Holding up Kanisha’s vision, it focusses on creating a minimalistic process in terms of time and effort. The key ingredients are inspired by the ancient Indian remedies and inculcate a holistic self-care ideology taken from the global stage. The brand also aligns its mission to find the finest materials that are not only friendly for your skin, but also the environment.

By the time 2018 came around, the world of e-commerce had already boomed in India. Magnates like Amazon were becoming Google for shopping needs. Tapping on the trend, Kanishka introduced Dromen & Co. Apothecary directly in the online market. It became the first brand to bring premium quality and certified Authentic Jade Roller and Rose Quartz Gua Sha Stone to the table. Makeup was produced in a paper form, such as the pink blush paper and bronze highlighter paper, making the solutions both hygienic and travel-friendly.

Currently, Kanishka has expanded the brand across 30 reputed e-commerce platforms and is working towards more as we speak. Nykaa, Amazon, Flipkart, Purplle and Sublime are some of the aggregators that hold the biggest listings of her products. It is also commonly found in the vanities of influential figures such as Sonam Kapoor Ahuja, Neha Dhupia, Jacqueline Fernandes, Hansika Motwani and Seema Khan. Marketing it in the right places, Kanishka has brought in the likes of renowned makeup artistes Namrata Soni, Anu Kaushik, Meenakshi Dutt and many more.

Kanishka Jain: Giving skincare a global glow with a traditional touch
A winner in its category, Dromen & Co. Apothecary was recently awarded the Femina Power Brand 2020. With regular features in BridesToday, Vogue, Grazia, Elle and Harper’s Bazaar, Kanishka’s brand sits comfortably in the beauty space. To further grow the possibilities, Kanishka plans to expand to the UAE, USA and UK in the coming times.

To know more about the products of Dromen & Co., or to place an order, please log on to www.dromenco.com. You can also reach them on Instagram @dromenco

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