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Putting Together Your Dream Wedding Look

Published: May 14, 2018 02:32:23 AM IST
Updated: May 14, 2018 12:45:22 PM IST

Putting Together Your Dream Wedding Look
As your wedding day draws closer, you find yourself scrambling to complete your to-do list for essentials. A woman entering into a holy matrimony yearns to look her best on her special day. A breathtaking lehenga, matching bangles, the exchanging of vows, and most importantly, the sharing of rings that is a symbol of eternal commitment. Since your wedding day is a very special day, why not make the most of it?

For a bride, looking anything less than perfect is not considered an option. But making heads turn and jaws drop is quite a task in itself. To make sure everything is in place on your special day, we bring to you a list for achieving your perfect wedding look. From the quintessential sindoor to the symbolic rings, here’s a 101 guide to your wedding look essentials.

Put a ring on it!
Choosing your rings can be frightening and overwhelming. Don’t panic. Take one step at a time. Introspect if you are a minimalist or someone who likes loud jewelry accessories. Look through various stores, comparing prices and styles. Don’t make the mistake of coming to a conclusion without seeing them all. From here, it’s a matter of one’s taste – platinum or a diamond set, classic or traditional, timeless or something that catches the eye. It’s all up to your personal choice for your rings.

Lehenga choices
Undoubtedly the best part about wedding shopping is choosing your bridal outfit. However the process itself is not always as exciting or fun as the idea of it. If you aren’t careful, you take the risk of making a costly mistake. So, before you head out to buy your clothes, checking out designs and keeping up with the latest trends online is a must. Not only styles and colors, check for prices and make a list so you get the best deal for yourself. It’s always advisable to buy something too heavy or too flashy. Buy something that leaves people raving about your dress for years to come.

Bringing on the makeup

It’s obvious you’ll want to go for more refined and professional makeup on your special day than you normally do. And that’s not wrong. Being your perfect beautiful self under your ghoonghatt is as important as your lehenga. Sweat, hugs and tears can all potentially cause harm to your ultimate bridal look. You should ensure that you use only waterproof, sweat-proof, and smudge-proof makeup to keep everything in place so that your features are emphasized in photos. Moreover, your bridal beauty will gleam through even in bad lighting and make you the centre of attention.

No Shoe Troubles
On the list of the perfect bridal look to match your wedding dress, wedding shoes are probably the hardest to decide. Comfort and elegance are the first words that should pop in your mind when choosing your footwear. Standing for hours for photos and various other activities leaves you tired. Find a pair of heels that speaks class but makes you feel like you are walking on a bed of soft grass.