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"E-learning and virtual recruitment are a miraculous solution," says Ashish Aggarwal Founder - Talento"

Published: Aug 6, 2020 03:53:03 PM IST
Updated: Aug 7, 2020 03:38:26 PM IST

"E-learning and virtual recruitment are a miraculous solution," says Ashish Aggarwal Founder - Talento"
The present time has gone haywire and the world perpetually is undergoing lots of ups and downs. Not only the post-pandemic crises have hampered the routine life but also undermarked educational institutions and business organizations, which have been consequently taken over by remote working operations. The COVID19 pandemic has ensued online learning as more centrical. The drastic yet gradual shift to remote learning and assessment has resulted in the emergence of more meticulous technology that enables educators to counterpoise for the convulse caused by a NOVEL coronavirus, and strategize effective e-learning.

Talento, incubated by IIM Calcutta innovation park is one such organization that has been using pre-eminent AI in allocating resources for e-learning, assessment & evaluation, along with skill enhancement and recruitment. The brainchild of Ashish Aggarwal has been setting milestones and has envisaged an unwavering target for skilling and providing jobs to more than 10 million aspirants at the entry-level hierarchy of job roles in the next 5 years. Talento with its diligent efforts focusses on capturing the corporate market globally by not only helping them hire new talent but also, by reskilling and upskilling the existing workforce. With a defined objective the team and AI follow a properly marshaled procedure for extracting the potentially disregarded talent from the most secluded corners of the cities. The extracted data is further created into a candidate pool on the basis of an online assessment conducted by Talento with industry-specific experts. These candidates are then upskilled/reskilled in accordance with their existing skills, interest, and career path. On the other hand, companies are consociated who have vacancies for these Talento certified applicants. Talento solely takes responsibility for aligning the recruitment process by introducing the aspirant and the recruiter abridging the gap to ensure a smooth process. Centralizing the diversified culture and accessibility the integrated skill enhancement e-courses and competency-based assessment suites are available in 13 regional languages.

"E-learning and virtual recruitment are a miraculous solution," says Ashish Aggarwal Founder - Talento"
It is a fact undeterred that the rapid market decline and layoffs are heightening the fear of economic collapse. Airlines, hotels, travel agencies, and event companies have all been suffering, but the most disadvantaged of all have come out to be entry-level workers such as carpenters, painters, stitching operators, mechanics, etc. who are constantly struggling for jobs and skill enhancement. Considering the need of the hour, Talento has become the flag bearer in uplifting them through its expertise in assessing and identifying the potential talent, working through a well-strategized process that incorporates: 

Planning; Attracting; Developing; Retaining; & Transitioning of the candidates. 

Through our technological advancement, we identify the caliber and interest of the candidates and groom them according to their skill sets and career path.

It has been 4 months that exams are on hold due to unfavorable circumstances and thus the entire process of recruitment is getting delayed for the aspiring candidates, we have voluntarily moved forward to support our government in resisting the shudder by giving opportunities of skill enhancement and voluntary internships. To cope up with the current scenario we have shifted to the hybrid nature of work style and adapted the new normal through the incorporation of rotational shifts while maintaining social distancing and proper sanitization in the premises.

Through technologically enabled products including the Skill Proficiency Learning program & Language Learning Proficiency,  Talento is pre-equipped to escalate the process of creating online courses at all levels, prominently focusing on the entry-level. 

Not only are we working on creating e-learning courses related to soft skills but also basic and essential skills such as resume writing, personal grooming, interview & work etiquette, COVID code of conduct, etc. Hoping that our targeted section not only gains the confidence to perform exceptionally at their existing job role but also standardizes and enhances their skill set as per conventional global norms.

We have been ceaselessly rendering top-notch services to corporates in assessing, priming, and retaining exceptional talent for corporate hierarchies. “Being an integrated solution provider, we thrive for dispensing continuous learning, with our expertise ranging from creating online assessment suites to designing interactive learning modules as per the global standards” Says Ashish Aggarwal the Founder, Talento Consulting Pvt. Ltd

Talento works towards managing far-reaching corporate requisitions including the need for a skilled workforce and allocating resources for assessment & impact assessment. The whole concept and services have been pigeonholed under three verticals: Online assessment, e-learning, and development sector advisory.

Instead of superficially resolving the challenges we intrinsically aim at strengthening & encouraging the very foundation level. This unique objective is supported by Qualifie, our mobile and web-based product that not only identifies, assesses, & enhances the existing caliber but vehemently supports the aspirants in achieving their desired career path. Qualifie is an absolute economic application, backed with strong product platform supporting offline and online mode, which increases the efficiency to conduct e-learning programs in the remotest of the areas. With a very easy to understand user interface Qualifie is perfect and extremely convenient for the entry-level workforce and recruitment/skill enhancement for employees and aspirants of entry-level jobs.

Despite being a profit-making company Talento perpetually contributes to the public welfare by offering adaptive learning and thus the focal point embeds entry-level hierarchy in tier 2 and tier 3 cities. This device-agnostic product is designed for applicants from all walks of life considering different types of learners viz auditory, visual, reading/writing, and kinaesthetic. 

Qualifie, a skill enhancement platform is unique of its kind, since it extracts the talent from the remotest districts of the cities/states, using candidate pool mapping. Through Qualifie,  Talento takes charge of the recruitment process making sure that the pre-hiring, onboarding, and post-hiring processes are taken care of with sheer enthusiasm. The candidate is given chances of detailed online interviews, along with assessments using online or offline mode as per their convenience. Candidates are trained on the key points such as effective communication, time management, resume writings, group interaction, personal interviews, personal grooming as well as the basic etiquettes such as maintaining health and hygiene. If required their existing skills are enhanced through basic courses and once the candidate is selected, we take complete responsibilities for smooth onboarding and employee engagement.

 From a broader perspective, we help tier 1 companies to enter tier 2 and aim at associating them as aggregators and meet their expectations by providing a well certified and trained candidate or workforce.
Our blend of innovation in development sector advisory and a high level of technical knowledge propels our team in identifying the most affected job roles in industries which leads to the exploration of potentials through pre-assessments followed by understanding their interest and forte, based on their existing skills. After the needful has been done the team works at polishing the skill sets considering their desired career path. The entire process concludes with strategy alignment. Communication enhancement is yet another part of this explicit process. The intent is to provide a closure that ends with a thoroughly prepared candidate who is eligible for post job training. With a mission for carving out a niche for organizations that Talento works with, personalized programs have been developed that widen the access of digital content for learners at an individual pace & maximize the reach of online skill enhancement. We meticulously create personalized competency-based assessments to reskill/ upskill the candidates appearing. Alongside conducting the assessment, we also enable assessment agencies in conducting exams for the on-training staff.

In development sector advisory, impact assessment and Social research are two report-based procedures that can be interpreted as methodical analysis & controlled observations to investigate a specific problem that needs a solution. We have been conducting research reports with NCPCR regarding impact assessment. Under which we assign a proficient team that executes a survey and scrutinizes the potential impacts of policies or guidelines applied at all levels of decision-making.

With thorough & earnest approaches Talento Consulting Pvt. Ltd has backed awards from The EdTech Review under “Best Assessment Company of the Year” & Elets 16th World Education Summit as best Emerging Test Preparation, Evaluation, and Assessment Tool Provider out of all existing providers.

We find ourselves fortunate to be able to contribute to the rough patch the world is devolving through. We have been adding to the very bit and wish to continue the same in supporting the necessity.

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