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Revolutionizing Industry: Insights on AI, security and cloud from Mahindra and Intel

A deep dive into the future with Mahindra Group's CTO Mohit Kapoor and Intel's Vikram Chauhan, unlocking the potential of personalized experiences and cutting-edge technologies

Published: Feb 8, 2024 05:41:15 PM IST
Updated: Apr 2, 2024 12:47:15 PM IST

Revolutionizing Industry: Insights on AI, security and cloud from Mahindra and Intel

In an era defined by Industry 4.0 and the AI revolution, Moneycontrol and Intel Xeon come together in a video series 'Envisioning the Future with AI, Security, and Cloud United', where CNBC-TV18's Reema Tendulkar takes a deep dive into the cutting-edge advancements, exploring the challenges and opportunities faced by industry leaders on their transformative journeys.

In a discussion that ranged far and wide, Mohit Kapoor, Group CTO & Executive Board Member, Mahindra Group and Vikram Chauhan, Director & Head - Enterprise and Govt Business, Intel cast their eyes to the future that the confluence of these technologies is unlocking - for business, and for consumers.

Vikram set the context by defining Industry 4.0, and projecting how this will progress in the coming years. "While we talk about industry 4.0, there's also a changing paradigm for 5.0 where we'll see a lot of emphasis not only on customer experience but employee experience as well. We'll see more collaboration between machines and humans and essentially machines helping humans do their work better and faster… which means it is going to be an era of personalization. Industry 4.0 was more about efficiency in automation, while 5.0 will get that human touch. Industry 6.0 which is on the horizon, will be all about nanotechnology and quantum computing."

Vikram delved into Intel's role in the proliferation of Industry 4.0 technologies through breakthrough platforms like Intel® SceneScape that captures data from heterogeneous sources and helps develop 4D digital twin models, backed by Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ Toolkit and Intel® Geti™ platform, which boost neural network optimization and reduce the need for training data respectively. These technologies help companies iterate rapidly on product and manufacturing design.

Mohit spoke passionately about the personalisation these technologies unlock for customers, especially for the new EV models that Mahindra is rolling out, and their new Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). "Partnering with Intel has enabled Mahindra to look into the future, predict what customers will want 3-5 years down the line, and work on those features today."

Vikram was only too happy to go into these predictions. "I think it'll be driven by two factors: one, the enhanced mobility experience expected by customers and second, the demand for more eco-friendly, sustainable vehicles. What we see is that the transition would be driven by the architectural shift to a more open architecture: that is where we see a huge role being played by both electronics as well as software." Vikram also quoted from a McKenzie report that predicts by 2030, the electronic and software in automobile industry has the potential to approach $465 billion in size.

The conversation then moved on to GenAI driving innovation and growth in topline for the automobile industry. Vikram was visibly excited when he spoke about the much-touted latest offerings Intel unveiled. "The AI PC is going to completely transform the PC industry by being able to do AI inferences on edge rather than processing on cloud. Our 5th Gen Intel® Xeon® platform is there for customers who want to use server platforms to drive AI workloads in the form of NLP, image recognition, etc rather than using GPUs. And the third major announcement was our Intel® Gaudi® 3, which follows the wildly successful Intel® Gaudi® 2." He further mentioned a few use cases where GenAI plays a great role like autonomous vehicles, predictive vehicle maintenance, vehicle infotainment and sees an amalgamation of Digital twins and GenAI providing for numerous use cases.

As successful partnerships like Intel and Mahindra show, Intel's AI Everywhere motto is already bearing fruit for India's manufacturing revolution.

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