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SafeBLAST, a deflationary utility token solving the age-long inflation problems for masses

SafeBLAST aims to Safeguard its Users from Inflation with the help of its Deflationary Utility Token

Published: Sep 17, 2021 02:54:45 PM IST
Updated: Sep 17, 2021 03:39:19 PM IST

SafeBLAST, a deflationary utility token solving the age-long inflation problems for masses

SafeBLAST is a deflationary token with reduced circulating supply on every transaction that aims to solve the inflationary pressures the cryptocurrency community has been facing since its inception. Crypto lovers and investors have lost lots of money due to cryptocurrency inflation. SafeBLAST is designed to combat inflation faced by many cryptocurrencies and to promote investors' chances of making good profit. It is built on a blockchain network which means that users personal information is secured with a promise of high transparency, easy transactions and no third parties involvement. The company also promises to provide better speed, improved efficiency and seamless automation. It also supports direct payment from electronic point of sale (POS) and vending on everyday purchases as a utility token from any location. SafeBLAST payment transactions are fast, easy and not location bound.

SafeBLAST is listed on different and many crypto market exchanges such as Hotbit, PancakeSwap, Bibox and others making it easy for users to trade with it from their preferred crypto exchange platform. It is a deflationary token with reduced circulating supply on every transaction. Thus, it protects investor's staked money and maintains its value for a long term.

SafeBLAST is designed to be mobile and desktop friendly. Users on all devices including iPhones, Android or even desktop can easily use it to earn decent returns. Buying and holding of SafeBLAST token will be done with ease through a customizable bespoke mobile wallet. The mobile app will be made available on both playstore and the Apple store. It is also verified on Trust Wallet for ease of storing, exchanging and tracking. Investors are assured of trading this token on Trust Wallet to make money with confidence of verification with.

SafeBLAST token comes with a renounced contract which promotes security of assets. Your money or investment will not be devalued as developers can’t keep on producing tokens to enrich themselves. Renounced contracts means no additional tokens will be produced and no amendments. It is audited publicly by Cybercrime Shield to give crypto investors and traders peace of mind on optimal gas usage, BSC compatible contracts and more.

SafeBLAST token transactions are protected by liquidity locking which protects investors from scams by preventing the liquidity from being removed for a predetermined period. Furthermore, 5% liquidity is automatically generated and locked after each transaction, which helps maintain future floor prices.

Token swapping is possible with SafeBLAST tokens “Blast” and can be done on  SafeBLAST token application and all the platforms that SafeBLAST token is listed are user-friendly. Everyone with little or no knowledge of the internet can easily operate it, invest and trade SafeBLAST tokens to make money.

SafeBLAST is a fair launch which means no token presale, no token donation and no initial coin offerings (ICO) have occurred before launching on the investment market giving every investor an opportunity of entering the market with the same rules as everyone else.

The company has also completed over 10 AMAs in just three months and gives investors an open platform for effective direct communication with SafeBLAST token developers and having fake news or rumors dispelled. This reassures SafeBLAST investors that their investments are secured.

SafeBLAST is listed on different leading websites such as Nomics, CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap for easier price tracking. The company provides individuals with an opportunity to earn passive income without getting directly involved, from the comfort of their home. This will help people solve more of their financial needs.

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