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Saubhgaya Vardhan & Oikoshreem: Where idea meets quality execution

A visionary, who always dream of changing the real estate culture, Dr Saubhagya Vardhan

Published: Jun 10, 2021 05:32:53 PM IST
Updated: Jun 11, 2021 05:51:09 PM IST

Saubhgaya Vardhan & Oikoshreem: Where idea meets quality execution

“Leadership is all about uplifting others, it is the result of your presence and implementation techniques. Make sure that the impact lasts in your absence as well” Dr Saubhagya Vardhan CMD Oikoshreem.

A visionary, who always dream of changing the real estate culture, Dr Saubhagya Vardhan, seasoned with the knowledge obtained from his higher studies in the USA and London. He has always believed in a vision of delivering excellence.

Oikoshreem is an amalgamation of all his rich experience in real estate clubbed together with the modern advancements in technology that aims at providing a dream architecture that speaks about YOU.

To quote, “Excellence in our business is a goal we seek. We at Oikoshreem have the desire and ambition to provide services and products that contribute to improving customers' investments. We keep pace with the real estate industry and provide innovative products and integration from idea to implementation, and strive to serve our customers.”
His constant desire to learn and implement the leanings for betterment has taken Oikoshreem to heights that are possible only with a vision of a foresighted entrepreneur.

“Real estate is a challenging business that requires knowledge, talent, organization, networking, and perseverance,” says Dr Saubhagya Vardhan

Oikoshreem has a spectrum of products ranging from EWS to middle-class luxury real estate. Currently flourishing in Lucknow markets, they are focusing on volume distribution of low ticket size product sale while in primary markets of tier1 metro cities India, They are able to sell luxury real estate to their NRI clients and their existing privilege club of HNI’s clients.

The stepping-stone of Oikoshreem started after Saubhagya witnessed that the eastern Uttar Pradesh still lacks a scaled-up, professional real estate service firm that follows global best practices and unwaveringly adds value to a client’s investment portfolio.

He says, “There is a huge unorganized market worth 120 Bn $ in India where only large developers but no large distributor. We want to tap a cash-intensive, un-segmented low-ticket plot-size sale market and justify ourselves as a plot aggregator using technology and logistics on a large scale as our platform.

With an undisputed dream to offer affordable housing in the rural and urban housing sector Oikoshreem constructions is spreading its wings to target tier 2 cities  with mid-segment affordable housing projects,

It is correctly stated that infrastructure for Urban and Rural areas need differently tailored policies as land is the main constraint there. Oikoshreem promises to offer quality and luxury infrastructure for everyone at fair prices.

This is to facilitate the increasing trend of providing housing facilities in urban areas. Dr Saubhagya Vardhan believes that affordable housing is a key issue in developing countries like India where the majority of the population isn’t able to buy houses because of the high market price. He wants the dream house of every individual to be available to them at affordable and within limits of the average household income.

According to the Technical Group Report, two low-income categories – economically weaker sections and low-income group accounted for 96 per cent of the total housing shortage in India.

Oikoshreem wants to deliver in India affordable housing for low-income people, middle-income people and economically weaker sections that have considerably low levels of income, especially in urban areas.

India is going through an economic transition currently, characterised by demand for better housing facilities, there is a widening gap between the demand and availability of houses.

Their clients have a dream and they mix it with their ethics and advance technological delivery at an affordable price. That is why Oikoshreem is the first choice of many.

Every Indian must have an affordable home. Each individual should have an equal opportunity for basic requirements like decent affordable housing.

Today, millions of families pay a large amount for housing that they have little left to save or invest in, and our housing policy does almost nothing to enable them to build wealth.

Oikoshreem makes sure to deploy a housing policy that assists individuals with their homes, second homes.

Dr Saubhagya Vardhan says, “Understanding the risks, investing in an accountant, finding help, and building a network are all part and parcel to the successful real estate investor.” The company’s management in this sector must realize the importance of specialization and work on a clear vision and objectives to achieve success.

Oikoshreem consultants provide you with an opportunity to grow with its technological vision to go hand in hand with its multi-cloud data centre business.

The Data Centre market in India promises an investment opportunity to grow with a 4.9 billion dollar market. This growth will be monitored based on its leap from 375 MV to 1075 MV by 2025.

Oikoshreem has bought one of a kind data centre park in Uttar Pradesh and is the only company in UP that owns their property portal 99Shreem.com giving their customer a taste of comfort with innovation.

Saubhgaya Vardhan & Oikoshreem: Where idea meets quality execution
It took years of hard work and dedication to build an empire that generates enough income to provide the lifestyle you want. Investing in rental properties & building a growing portfolio is a great way to build wealth, but it is still relatively slow.

Contributing to the cash crunch in the market Oikoshreem offers health insurance on the sale of their products. They have subsidized registry changes for women contributing to the women empowerment campaign.

The residential plot market has seen a significant rise in demand during this ongoing pandemic, it reflects positive investor sentiment.

Work from Home opportunity has compelled people to invest in their homes. India will account for 75% of the expected construction activity across the world by 2026.

Standing firm and tall with the integrities of a leader, Dr Saubhagya Vardhan displays an impeccable friendly attitude towards life. He enjoys spending time with family and friends, reading about philosophy, history, and has recently learnt a new programming language R.

He takes large-scale decisions that keep the world of real estate moving.

Oikoshreem, a leading Real Estate Consulting Services Company takes pride in the excellence of their work, the opportunities for personal growth that they provide to their people, and the contributions they make to our communities.

Website: https://oikoshreem.com/  

Housing search: https://99shreem.com/ 

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