Stanley Donkor fitness guides people through effective fitness training and the right mindset to stay on track

The 21-year-old fitness trainer started the venture when he was still in college

Published: Aug 14, 2020 02:11:16 PM IST
Updated: Aug 14, 2020 02:16:00 PM IST

Stanley Donkor fitness guides people through effective fitness training and the right mindset to stay on track

Perhaps at any time or context, health and fitness are crucial factors. More than boosting the health of an individual, fitness training increases confidence and is a prime consideration for many who thrive in the entertainment industry. Essentially, it would take months - even years - before one can achieve his or her desired body shape. Because of this, many opt not to undergo fitness training programs. But the likes of Stanley Donkor rise to the challenge, motivate others to take the first step toward fitness and help them stay on track.

Stanley wants people to take action. As a fitness trainer for more than three years, he has had the opportunity to touch and impact the lives of many in profound ways. People have their respective fitness goals, and Stanley makes sure that each of his clients gets to that goal. He founded Stanley Donkor Fitness driven by the mission to assist others “who don’t think they can achieve their goals, and anyone who can’t accept them for them.”

The 21-year-old fitness trainer started the venture when he was still in college. The Ohio-native lived two lives - as a budding entrepreneur and a psychology student at Ohio State University. But even so, he assumed both responsibilities with finesse. According to Stanley, he never thought that his business would grow. He said, “While starting this business, I didn’t expect it to amount to something.” "Who would have thought that the simple kid from the suburbs of Westerville Ohio is now slowly becoming a key personality in the fitness industry?" he asked.

Over the years, Stanley has applied his knowledge in psychology to relate to his clients. He knows everyone has their own story to tell and sometimes find it hard to express themselves. But Stanley connects to his clients well. This is the very reason why Stanley’s brand is a cut above the rest. “I want to help others through the physical part as well as the psychological part,” he added.

It is not a question then why Stanley Donkor Fitness has grown to over 1,000 clientele in just three years of its operations. At Stanley Donkor Fitness, the fitness training programs custom-fit drills and meal plans, assuring that after everything, clients get to where they want to go.

Undeniably, the current situation of the world places health and fitness on the paramount in the list of people’s essentials. And Stanley Donkor Fitness has a safe environment for everyone who wants to kickstart their plans of healthy living.

In due course, the company will stand at the helm of the fitness industry. Stanley envisions his venture to become a headquarters for people who share the same dream. “I want to build an empire, an empire with a mission of helping people realize who they are, finding their own inner strength showing them that it just takes a little motivation from a trainer or coach.” With a visionary for a leader, Stanley Donkor Fitness will surely climb the ladder of success in the years to come.


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