Sushil Singh: The rags to riches story of a College Dropout turned Millionaire Technopreneur

Sushil Singh attributes his success to the inspiration from books and cites examples of entrepreneurs

Published: Sep 4, 2020 03:38:06 PM IST
Updated: Sep 10, 2020 10:50:23 AM IST

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Mark Twain is believed to have once said - I never let school interfere with my education. That kind of sums up what I feel for our education system and that is the reason why I gave up on it. However, I expect the new policy on Education to be a game changer for future generations,” says Sushil Singh, a college dropout who is the Founder and Director of three very successful business ventures and a non-profit organization, which according to him is fast evolving as his second passion. The first, he insists, will always be reading.

The only thing that Sushil Singh puts a book down for without feeling bad is going to the gym and working out. He is a self-proclaimed fitness enthusiast and a mindful foodie who believes in keeping both his mind and body very healthy.

Sushil Singh attributes his success to the inspiration from books and cites examples of entrepreneurs who became global phenomenon as the reason for his decision to drop out of college and follow his dreams.  Sushil Singh’s is literally a rags to riches story. His father was a security guard and their family used to live in a chawl in Mumbai. After dropping out from college, he got a job to sustain himself. He learnt the basics of business through practical knowledge and used to spend most of his free time studying books on Business Management, psychology, world history, politics and more.

He was motivated by the way the outsourcing industry works and its inherent potential. The thought of starting his own company struck him when he noticed that the company he worked for ignored smaller yet valuable clients and focused on bigger ones only. This made no sense to Sushil Singh who is truly devoted to his customers and never treats big or small customers.

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He established his first venture, a Customer Services BPO, SSR Techvision Pvt Ltd. (, in 2015 with a vision to revolutionize the customer services industry guided with automation and emotions (Robotic and Human side). He started with just two people in the basement of a building and within two and a half years he bought the whole building. With Singh’s decisive leadership, incisive vision, and unwavering focus on customer service, the company evolved into a million-dollar firm that works in diverse outsourcing fields such as customer support, healthcare, call center, back-office support, E-commerce, IT and more. It has offices in India and the USA and provides services to clients 24x7 across the globe. The two people with whom he started are now managing the entire operations of the company while he looks for new ideas in the customer service domain.

Sushil Singh’s second business venture is Deebaco (, an international B2C fast fashion e-commerce platform, which he set up with his wife, Sarita Rawat Singh to meet the fashion needs of the regular working woman. Deebaco is a premium fashion brand that stands for unparalleled craftsmanship, exceptional quality and remarkable comfort. The brand is highly customer oriented and aims to win and retain their loyalty by delivering them real value.

Singh’s third business venture, Saiva System Inc. ( is a Global IT consulting firm. Their consulting solution span Technology and Recruitment connecting top professionals with the best suited job profiles for their clients. His focus on ensuring customer delight, service quality and on-time delivery have helped Saiva System emerge as one of the leading recruitment agencies in the USA.

Currently, he is working on the development of an automatic customer service instrument which will not only handle customer queries on phone but also do so online. “It will be a game changer, an all-pervading perpetual customer/client problem solver,” he says

What is remarkable about Sushil Singh is that even with his business and his love for books and gym, he still finds time for his non-profit organisation, Just Wish Foundation. “It’s very close to my heart and a long held dream of my Wife Mrs. Sarita Rawat Singh. We both emphasize on aspects such as Education, Health and Environment to craft a brighter future for everyone,” says Sushil Singh. He shares his business views on his blog www.

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No wonder then, Sushil Singh has a crazy schedule that he breaks up in a very interesting manner. “The book, Deep Work, gave me the insight to make my focus my default mode. I am up and about for 16-18 hours a day. I read at least for 8 hours every day and the rest is divided between my work, family and gym. Reading helps me keep calm. I find time for it while commuting and even in between meetings. If you ask my wife, she’d say it’s the other way round and that I find time for everything else in between my reading sessions,” concludes a smiling Sushil Singh.

We can’t help but smile ourselves and wish that there were more such people in our country with so much positive energy. This college dropout turned millionaire technopreneur who simply loves books definitely gives us hope for the future generations!

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