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The Next Gen Revolution: Cosmetic Dentistry

"My Teeth My Pride" is aimed at educating the youth

Published: Aug 17, 2020 04:07:46 PM IST
Updated: Aug 18, 2020 10:09:59 AM IST

The Next Gen Revolution: Cosmetic Dentistry
Wear your smile with pride. it’s Priceless. In today’s world, the perfection frenzy generation is determined to chase every dream to simply fit in, especially a hearty & a happy smile! These dreams & desires are backed and fulfilled by an enthusiastic, energetic, and exceptionally skilled set of doctors. Gone are the days when dentistry was associated with long treatments and the feeling of fear & pain! It’s time to embrace the new-aged reality of perfect smiles and the era of tooth jewellery with Dr. Ishman Saini, a fun-filled dentist from Jalandhar, Punjab.

Dr. Ishman Saini is a professional cosmetic dentist, who is dexterous at what she does and is a passionate & perfection driven soul. A true beauty with brains!! She has dedicated her time to creating and perfecting smiles all around. She is a dentist and a rockstar undercover, as she believes that every patient must walk back with a gleaming smile that radiates confidence!! Every individual is left awestruck with her radiant personality, a specialized set of skills and talent in cosmetic dentistry, smile designing & love the fearless single sitting root canal treatment. While her clinical skills allow her to create exemplary results overall and happy clients, she loves working on smile designing.

Dr. Ishman believes in a good discussion with her patients to understand & deliver desired results. To help patients foresee their results, she provides pre-treatment mockups and virtual smile designing on advanced software. It’s no magic but quite magical in itself for the patients as they can review tentative results beforehand. She advocates a thorough consultation with every patient before the actual commencement of the procedure to give a better understanding of the process and results to be acquired. She is an exceptional listener and this is what helps her replicate the dreams of her patients of a beautiful smile. Her smile treatments are nothing less than 3-5 sittings of relaxing spa experiences!! Apart, from the smile treatment, ever thought of a diamond-studded smile too? Yes, fix your smiles and embrace tooth jewellery too!! why would they be only on one’s hands, neck, or ears?? Be any treatment, a dental spa treatment is what one can describe those sittings, which on the other side, results in a bright new shining sun, a newly crafted smile. It gives her pure joy in re-creating smiles and seeing her patients walk back with eyes full of confidence and a bright new smile. She describes this as “the world’s best feeling!” 

The Next Gen Revolution: Cosmetic Dentistry
Dr. Ishman also reaches out to educate the crowd too! She rightly believes that as a doctor it’s her responsibility to spread public awareness about dental & oral health care as well. She actively creates videos on dentistry-related topics such as veneers, bleaching, scaling, brushing, and many more.

Looking at her dedication and determination towards her profession and commitments, to no surprise, she expresses her worries toward young souls as well. Her major concern is about the younger generation which is growing up on chocolates, candied pebbles, cotton candies, and aerated drinks, which is silently jeopardizing their oral hygiene. Dr. Ishman, for the appreciations she has received, with much love and notion of promoting a noble cause, has started her campaign “My Teeth My Pride” aiming at educating the youth of today about dental care. The idea behind the campaign is to spread awareness at a PAN-India level starting with her hometown Jalandhar, Punjab. The campaign is conducted in the form of lectures for school students and college-goers who are enlightened and inspired in a positive way resulting in educating them and creating awareness. Every group session concludes with a thorough dental check-up for the students free of cost!

A smile is greatly influenced by style and vide-a-versa! Dr. Ishman, besides being a perfectionist at crafting smiles, she is quite passionate about styling as well. Her sense of style is as fantastic and fabulous as her soul. She a quintessential style diva herself with an Instagram handle under the name of ‘super dressed’ with a humongous fan following adding up manifold every day. She became a heart-throb of numerous young ladies, inspiring them to get comfortable in their skin and wear a confident vibrant smile. Her presence on the social media handle as a style icon for many led her to be a part & work in collaboration with many fashion magazines.

Dr. Ishman has always been academically bright and beautiful. Hailing from a family full of doctors, they have always been her biggest strength, inspiration, motivation, and have given her the courage to triumph in every aspect of life. She pursued her BDS from Punjab University, Chandigarh, and masters from BDC. Furthermore, she excelled in her college (MDS) and secured the second position in Himachal University. Dr. Ishman obtained her graduation program in aesthetic dentistry, oral rehabilitation & endodontics from Showa University, Tokyo, Japan. After completing her masters, she got an opportunity to work with Dr. Sandesh Mayekar, a well-known celebrity dentist in Mumbai, where she chiseled & refined her skills. Currently, she is working with her parents in Jalandhar. As a child, she used to accompany her mother, who is a periodontist, to her clinic and every time be amazed at what she did. She dreamt of stepping into the same profession, master the art of good ethical dentistry skills, and taking this profession to new heights. In becoming the bright & beautiful dentist she is today, her father & brother, who are also doctors, have tremendously supported and encouraged her at every step.

Dr. Ishman is on a mission that says ‘Changing Lives Changing Smiles’. This is to provide courage and confidence to those who are under-confident by improvisation and improvements of smiles to uplift their spirits and cater to those who are conscious about their pearly whites. The efforts put in are all about making everyone around realize that dreams come true and having beautifully perfect smiles is a true reality.

Dr. Ishman is truly a young inspirational soul that reflects pure positivity, pride, perfection, and motivates every individual to never let go of one’s Style & Smile.

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