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Verzeo, an inspiring story of a young entrepreneur

Verzeo has become one of the most suitable platforms for students to take a step forward in their preferred domains

Published: Jan 22, 2021 01:52:20 PM IST
Updated: Jan 22, 2021 03:13:26 PM IST

Verzeo, an inspiring story of a young entrepreneur
E-Learning, probably a household term now, has become so omnipresent that it has taken over a significant part of our lives where all the top players are throwing their hats in the rings and competing head-to-head against each other just to create a remarkable impression among the student community.

And in this race, an inspiring story of a young entrepreneur is what’s going to add to your collection of ‘top entrepreneurs you should be inspired from.’

Mr. Subrahmanyam V. V. is the man who marked his territory in the online education sector. He started this venture when he was only 20 years old with an ambitious bag filled with quality and determination. Starting at a tender age, he started Verzeo back in 2018, an AI-driven e-Learning platform for students that aspire to do something exceptional in their careers.

With Verzeo as his most-successful startup, he quickly gained a lot of popularity and exposure. The young entrepreneur soon realized that his startup is taking off when they trained 35,000+ students in just the first year.

The Bengaluru-based startup provides certified courses to provide practical training to the outgoing students and intern from remote locations. With the idea that good tutoring and adequate resources are enough to bridge the gap between an aspiring student and landing a job they want.

Verzeo, an inspiring story of a young entrepreneur
To make Verzeo reach every global corner, Mr. VV Subrahmanyam ensured that the platform accessible to everybody around the world. With employees hailing from different parts of the country, Verzeo managed to hire 700+ employees in just two years.

The team’s dedication and the leadership of the top management increased the company’s revenue. They even proved vital for the team’s growth since it increase twofold irrespective of the pandemic in 2020.

The CEO decided to achieve a significant valuation worth 500 crores at the end of 2022. The crew works day in and out to achieve their CEO's target to have more than 1500 employees by 2021. With popular programs such as Internships, Certifications, Pro Degree, competitive exam preparation, and Kids’ courses, Verzeo is breaking through the e-learning industry with its exceptional courses and extraordinary mentorship skills.

Verzeo has introduced courses starting from kids programs like coding to other verticals like upskilling sections, banking, CA training, and many more that train people to tackle the latest technical proficiency.

With the non-stop grind and mapped-out objectives, Verzeo has become one of the most suitable platforms for students to take a step forward in their preferred domains.

"We aim to enhance the potential of the kids worldwide by providing them practical skill sets that will allow them to bring in maximum results. By providing AI-enabled real-time insights, we deliver customized services to a wide range of customers. Our courses allow people to learn the necessary skills regarding their subject which will holistically develop them for their profession. We aim to provide efficient and quality learning to people all over the globe," added Verzeo, CEO, Mr. Subrahmanyam V. V.

The company recently celebrated its 3rd annual anniversary pompously where the board mentioned and planned how it’s seeking to grow twofold in the coming years and how it wants to significantly impact all the parts of the world.

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