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Vieroots pioneers personalised epigenetic healthcare in India

Sajeev Nair, a successful entrepreneur and corporate consultant hailing from Kerala

Published: Sep 10, 2020 03:43:57 PM IST
Updated: Sep 10, 2020 05:28:07 PM IST

Vieroots pioneers personalised epigenetic healthcare in India
Bengaluru based healthcare startup Vieroots Wellness Solutions, led by biohacker and serial entrepreneur Sajeev Nair, has brought to India for the first time, Artificial Intelligence powered and smartphone based Personalized Epigenetic Lifestyle Modifications (EPLIMO).

Sajeev Nair, a successful entrepreneur and corporate consultant hailing from Kerala, has been associated with the wellness industry for more than two decades now. That led him to close interactions with specialist physicians, especially functional medicine specialists and thus was born his passion for improving healthcare delivery in India. This is a look into the world of Mr Sajeev Nair, who is making huge waves recently.

Sajeev Nair is a double postgraduate in Chemistry and Business, he used his science skills to study the healthcare trends and medical research output coming from the world’s best universities and hospital systems. In this process, he himself became a biohacker, experimenting on himself some of the latest breakthroughs coming up from healthcare research.  He is an evangelist of Wellness Revolution 2.0.  While Wellness Revolution which kicked off globally in 2000 has created a boom in nutritional supplement, fitness and anti-ageing market, Sajeev believes that Wellness Revolution 2.0 will be all about Personalization of Lifestyle Management. This will be achieved through Biohacking, taking charge of one’s own body and mind.

Biohacking, the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) realm of healthcare world, has been a rage across Western countries. Sajeev has been one of the first biohackers in India, with his YouTube channel getting much attention in recent years. An accomplished speaker and author, his first book on biohacking, ‘The Making of a Superhuman’ is forthcoming.

This book is derived from thousands of research publications which Sajeev has referred during the past 3 years, while he was doing research on Human Longevity and Peak Performance.  However he has written this book in layman’s language, so  that maximum number of people can benefit from it. 

After getting convinced about the fact that ageing can be slowed down or even revresed, he started propogating a concept, ‘Live Long, Stay Young.’  He subscribed to the school of thought that ‘ageing is a disease and hence can be cured.’  His entire research was with an objective to find ways and means for maintaining higher energy levels and productivity even at later stages in life.  He found that this is possible through biohacking. 

This subject has very high relevence now as the average lifespan is increasing in all the countries.  “While in the 80s it was 48 years in India, now the average life expectancy is 69 years  and expected to cross 75 by 2025.  Countries like Hongkong, Japan, etc have already got average lifespan over 80.  The saddest thing is that while the average life expectancy is increasing year on year, so is the increase in lifestyle diseases.  People getting contracted with diabetes or heart disease at the age of 50 and still living till 90 with the support of medicines; is life getting extended or death getting extended?” asks Sajeev.  As per Sajeev it is not the lifespan , but healthspan which matters. 

In order to help people to live long and stay young with high productivity and energy levels, he founded a company Vieroots Wellness Solutions Pvt Ltd.  Vieroots offers highly personalised lifestyle modification program called EPLIMO.  This is done using a proprietory geneo-metabolic analyis.  One needs to undergo a genetic predisposition test and also a metabolic assessment.  These are converged with the help of AI and a highly personalized lifestyle modification plan is presented to the customers.  All these processes are done though a highly advanced mobile app called EPLIMO

This highly Personalized Lifestyle Modification provides personalised diet plans, customised fitness plans and individualised medicine.  Vieroots has certified Lifestyle Coaches who would coach the clients for a period of time to execute the Lifestyle Modifications. Through this, Sajeev is providing career opportunities to lots of life science graduates.

In formulating these customized modifications, the medical team at Vieroots is taking an integrative approach, taking the best of modern and alternative medicine. His native state of Kerala being a stronghold of Ayurveda, Sajeev has also been an early believer in India’s own traditional medicine that dates back to millennia. Just like how he interfaced with modern medical doctors and geneticists, he had long consulted some of the best Ayurvedic physicians and researchers in the country to understand how this ancient science can add value to modern research based interventions.

Vieroots is offering a select range of nutritional supplements for enhancing health. They target various aspects of wellness like mental performance, immunity, free radical neutralization, metabolic health and the well-being of critical organs like heart and liver. The approach is holistic in that Ayurvedic herbs and minerals are used to heal what modern science says is the fundamental layer of health – the Gut Microbiome and the Gut Brain Axis (GBA).

The launch of Vieroots and its Personalized Epigenetic Lifestyle Modifications (EPLIMO) have come in at a time of great need for such solutions due to the Covid-19 spread. Most of the lifestyle diseases that EPLIMO most zealously guards against are indeed the co-morbidities of Covid-19 that doctors are warning against now.

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