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Penguin's Big Deal with Ravi Subramanian

Published: Jul 15, 2013 07:14:05 AM IST
Updated: Jul 11, 2013 05:21:32 PM IST
Penguin's Big Deal with Ravi Subramanian
Image: Vikas Khot

Ravi subramanian’s move from Rupa Publications to Penguin India may not be about the money but you cannot be blamed for thinking it is.

The publishing giant has offered the author Rs 1.25 crore for a two-book deal making it the highest advance given by them to any Indian writer.

Subramanian, author of The Bankster, The Incredible Banker and If God Was a Banker, has always been published by Rupa. He explains the move by saying that “it is more about getting international exposure than just about money”. Subramanian writes thrillers that are based, unusually, in the world of corporate banking.

His first book If God Was a Banker sold more than 2.65 lakh copies, enough for Subramanian to buy himself a BMW with the royalties.

Incidentally, he will not quit his job as president and chief executive officer, Shriram Group (non-chit). Work is what fuels ideas, he says.

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