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Dr. Harikrishnan shares some tips for a heart-healthy living

Heart health at home

Published: Mar 30, 2023 02:37:26 PM IST

Dr. Harikrishnan shares some tips for a heart-healthy livingDue to the increased risk of heart disease among Indians, it is essential to begin taking preventive measures at an early age. This includes maintaining a healthy lifestyle with regular physical activity, consuming a balanced diet, controlling obesity, and managing existing risk factors such as hypertension, metabolic syndrome, and diabetes. Otherwise, Indians are likely to develop coronary artery disease a decade earlier than the average western population, and half of all heart attacks occur before age 45.

We should emphasize "maintaining Heart Health in the Home" to combat the heart disease epidemic by modifying its risk factors.

Eating nutritious meals at home is vital by selecting whole grains, a variety of fruits and vegetables, and lean proteins. We should also reduce our intake of salt, sugar, and alcohol. Instead of glued to screens, we should motivate ourselves to engage in outdoor activities. Cardiovascular exercise such as walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, and playing sports should be incorporated into our lifestyle. Additionally, yoga and weightlifting can help build muscle mass and tone. The intensity of these activities should be tailored to individual needs.

We should make an effort to prioritize our heart health by abstaining from smoking and recreational drugs, getting a good night's rest, taking time to relax, and engaging in activities with our families that are beneficial for both physical and mental health.

"Heart health at home" forms the basis of a strong individual, a strong family, and ultimately a strong society.

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